Saturday, 24 August 2013

From Out of a Wood Did a Cuckoo Fly - Czech Hymn

Yesterday evening saw the umpteenth BBQ of the year, and as we sat down to enjoy a juicy lamb chop, ribs, sausage, home grown baked potatoes and a very good Rioja, a CUCKOO flew the length of the garden and disappeared into distant trees. Not an addition to any list, but being the end of August this is likely to be the 'last' we see until next spring?
A hefty and most interesting catch in the Moth Trap this morning, as the night remained sultry with both wind and rain holding off, which included 3 new additions* to our list.
with Garden Pea for size comparison,
was coincidental as Hugh and I had only been discussing the origins of Field Maple trees on the farm a couple of days ago. The larvae of this tiny Insect is reliant on the blossom of this tree as a food source and this is the first time I've clapped eyes on this little critter!
with strange 'upright' stance
It was the differing sizes of these two
that caught by eye, seemingly the male being the smaller of the pair.
Then she decided to display an attractive abdomen so what is a
Poor Boy suppose to do?
Nearly always overlooked and seldom visited, a probable haven for much Wildlife here on the Parley Court Estate is the
 The perimeter is left totally untouched while the fairways and other open spaces are planted with both ornamental and naturally occurring shrubs and other plants. In addition, there are a number of small ponds which could harbour who knows what? Deciding to spend some time there this morning, my arrival was heralded by a 'fly-past' of this
the thing about BI Airport is it caters for 'all comers' so 
there is no knowing what will arrive or depart next - 
you do have to be alert to that!
 There always has been a healthy membership here with the well 
appointed CLUBHOUSE (open to the General Public) 
catering for all needs and occasions including 'outside' of Golf itself.
 There is a splendid
with attendant Coach,
 Pleasing Vistas,
 along with well managed
Manager Catherine Griffiths taking care of Member and Visitors alike.
Add to that adequate parking, other practise areas and a
'highly regarded' Team of Professionals, 
I'm thinking of taking the game up myself????
 Arriving at one of those Practise Areas, complete with Bunker, 
devised for Putting and Chipping my attention was drawn to the 
bushes and Nettle bed beyond. Having already had my share of
this week, there were a further c5 to greet me here. However,
another 'Dragon' caught my eye as having a quite different flight pattern.
 This turned out to be a stunning
which, had the Nettles not prevented it, would have allowed much 
better angles for images. It's worth noting the SPIDER at the top of
the snapped off, dead Dock stem.
 A couple of panorama views.
On the way back, and directly underneath one of the favoured Kestrel perches this 'pellet' was found, with the wrong conclusion being formed. The content looks like small pieces of 'straw' rather than 'bone' with one suggestion being a pellet having been dislodged from a Combined Harvester or some such thing? If we find out you'll be next to know!
Passing through the substantial VEGETABLE PATCH it was noted that the LARGE WHITE BUTTERFLY CATERPILLARS are playing havoc with Hugh's Cabbages.
Familiarly known as 'Cabbage Whites' they are a pest to Brassicas 
(Cauliflower, Cabbage etc) so no surprise that the Latin name is
Pieris brassicae
An E-Mail received this morning from my former Bird Guide in Panama.
Saludos Captain Bagsy
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Central Panama and Canal national parks 
1) Metropolitan Nature Park
2) Soberania National Park
3) San Lorenzo National Park
4) Las Cruces National Park
5) Chagres National Park
premier lowland highland birdwatching sites in central panama and canal :  Pipeline Road – The Rain Forest Discovery Center – Old Gamboa Road – Plantation – Semaphor hill – Achiote Road – El Valle  –  Altos del Maria –  Cerro azul & Cerro Jefe (
    &   12  day tour)  contact us

Finally, our thoughts and condolences go out to the Family, Friends and Loved Ones of Duncan Munro, 46, from Bishop Auckland; Sarah Darnley, 45, from Elgin; 59-year-old Gary McCrossan, from Inverness and George Allison, 57 who perished in the North Sea yesterday evening as result of a helicopter crash.
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