Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Ruby Tuesday - The Rolling Stones

It would have been good to know exactly which button I did press the other day causing a number of the images to show a 'blue hue', as there have been a few comments about the 'technique', all favourable. The rain now seems to have passed through leaving an almost clear blue sky with just the odd wisp of Cirrus and a crisscross of vapour trails. Having taken the advice of Paul Harris the 'white sheet' was not deployed last night and BINGO, the trap was full of Insects this morning. Only one new species for the property, all assuming I have the identification correct, but some beautiful creatures nonetheless.
 THE LACKEY (light form)
I just love the
in good numbers today
if you know something I don't please let me know!
A good part of the day was spent at the north end of the farm where runs the MOORS RIVER. Having found my copy of Steve Brooks 'Dragonflies and Damselflies' Field Guide while browsing I came across a remarkable fact about the
Brooks states - "now considered extinct in Great Britain, previously the species was known for certain from only two localities the Tamar River, which forms the border between Devon and Cornwall, plus the Moors River, Dorset". What more reason would you need to go dashing up there? Best make it clear at this point that I didn't find one - photo courtesy of Wiki.
Sometimes the wildlife comes to you as was the case with this
which landed on the windscreen.
 ROWAN (Mountain Ash) BERRIES
plenty of these along the hedgerows.
and there were c7 MOORHEN CHICKs on the lawn early morning.
They are now brave (or foolish) enough to come right up to the
front door. I say foolish as there is a Lurcher in the family.

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