Friday, 18 October 2013

The Letter - The Box Tops

A pleasant, balmy and cloud covered night brought good numbers of Insects to the traps including a new addition to the Property List.
but otherwise the day was a lethargic one, mostly preparing for what has the potential of being an interesting and entertaining weekend. Almost from my very first visit to Parley Court Farm, and certainly during the time the Bird Census was carried out, Hugh and I have discussed the prospects and advantages of cutting away some of the banks around the main pond and forming a 'scrape'.
Lowering the earth to water level may have the effect of enticing
Wading Birds to the area such as Snipe and Sandpipers.
While the Island has been converted for the Alpacas and Plant (diggers etc) have been on site, what better time? Progress Reports to follow. Otherwise, just odds and ends from a more or less sunny day with little wind and continuing mild temperature. At time of publication, that has changed to blustery from the south, completely overcast with signs of rain.
and HOUSE SPARROW at the feeders.
A dead MOORHEN at the pond-side, with breast missing,
showed all the signs of having fallen prey to one of the local
Sparrowhawks? Other birds now appearing and staying local include
Kingfisher, Long-tailed Tit, Barn Owl (seen regularly) Tawny Owl
(remains heard only), Cormorant, Jay and Black-headed Gull.
 Ain't it strange how women 'love you'
when there's a bloody grit SPIDER in the sink?
Returning to a Post of a couple of days ago, there were 2 outstanding identifications which today we can redress. The rather stunning Beetle, shining in the sunlight was uncovered by John Gifford after what seemed like something of a struggle. This is how his e-Mail read:- Your little beetle was a right pain, just could not find one with brown/ginger legs, but then found some info on a beetle found for the first time in UK in 1994, the Rosemary Beetle.
and the unidentified Moth from those days ago is a
This threw me a bit as this creature is 'grey', but no mind the riddle is solved! Additionally, this took me back to my week at Portland Bill when, in Secret's garden, I caught 3 Moths not previously encountered. The other 2 were caught in quick succession here at Parley and this was the last of the trio - Nice One!
While on the subject of e-Mails, (Letters) there have been 2 in the past couple of days which have 'thrown me a little sideways' if that is the correct expression. One was from an Ex-Flame and the other from friends out of touch for far too long. The first drove me to the archive, having had so much fun with the lady in question and of the latter I cannot disclose anything further until Sunday is past and gone - we will return to both in due course.
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