Saturday, 16 November 2013

Mellow Yellow - Donovan

Even more frost this morning after a still, cold night so no surprise there was little to show for running 3 traps. In fact there was just a single Insect, another
Considering the good weather it was decided early to set course
to the east in search of another 'rare' bird.
15 minutes from the farm it was exit #2 0ff the M27 Motorway
and then south towards the village of Fawley.
The OIL REFINERY there could be seen across the moor.
Just a little further south lies the
where the 'rarity' had been seen each day of the last week. 
Unfamiliar territory to me, I was pleased to see the sign
and this pool some 500 yards from the car park.
A number of Bird Watchers were already there but with no sign
of the bird thus far!
Time to survey the 'lie of the land' at the eastern end of the Solent.
The RED FUNNEL FERRY that runs from Portsmouth to the
Isle of Wight.
In the far distance The SPINNAKER on Southsea Sea Front.
Occupying the pool were quite a few birds but all were at a distance.
Talking of Spinnaker, this large yacht looked magnificent
with hers flying.
was flighty bur did allow
for a few 'close quarters' shots.
The SAND HERON heading west down the Solent.
I rather like these basic sea defences which add a picturesque
look to the coast line. Still no sin of the target bird, which has
been seen in another pool the same distance in the opposite direction.
The track leading to the pool was through the local Nature Reserve
with this fine HOLLY BUSH
and an equally interesting stand of closely planted
The Mouth of the BEAULIEU RIVER
a couple of CURLEW but still no sigh of the bird.
On such occasions it is always difficult to know when to
'call it a day' but that moment was getting close.
A wander back towards the car park saw a flock of Waders
land not far in front of me including a number of
and on closer inspection c26 KNOT and few RINGED PLOVER
There were over 100 TURNSTONE
this being one of them.

Close to the car was this tiny FUNGI and glancing back
Sail Powered Vessels were still tacking along the Solent.
The decision was ever closer, but a 'feeling' told me to give the original pool just one more try. As I walk in that direction I was overtaken by 2 other 'birders' who were confident that they had just seen the target fly over a hedge and head in our direction. On arrival no one had seen it, but in short time one of the lads had picked it up in the middle of the pool.
A 'vagrant' from the Americas the
was a long way off
but did get a little nearer during my stay.
These images give some idea of this Medium Size Wading Bird.
A quick glance out to sea then back to the business at hand.
Time to leave and the 'Yellowlegs' still remained at distance!
Left of centre.
 This is how we saw them on
 Boxing Day 2012
on the Caribbean Island of Grenada.
car par at Beaulieu Road, in the hear of the New Forest, was on my
 way back, and with recent reports of the returning Great Grey Shrike
back in residence who could resist the temptation.
on the way to the site
which is so picturesque,
which is just as well as there was 'something' to look at
in the absence of the Shrike.
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