Sunday, 1 December 2013

River Deep, Mountain High - Ike and Tina Turner

1. With 'Christmas' rapidly approaching, it was though appropriate to publish a new Blog Header with a 'Seasonal' flavour. This brilliant bird was seen almost immediately The Three Fat Lads (Jim the Medic, Billy Crumble and myself) had crossed the border between Belize and Guatemala on our journey through all 7 countries of Central America back in 2004. A fantastic addition to the World Life List!
2. November Reader Statistics have reached an all time, incredible 'HIGH' of 10,500 for the month (average 350 per day) and I cannot pretend that this doesn't put me on something of a 'high' myself. If indeed you enjoy reading our humble production, maybe you would like to take just 2 minutes and share it with others. All it would need is for you to send the Blog Link The Bagsy Blog to all your E-Mail addressees, Facebook Friends, Twitter Followers, LinkedIn Contacts etc. Just a 'moment in time' and Thanks in anticipation.
3. I would also like to share something with you, that is this link to Gascon Holidays where we are staying at the moment. Peace on Earth, Glorious Countryside, Excellent 'Local' Food and Drink and a great chance to get away from it all!
Maybe surprisingly the weather here is 3-5 degrees cooler than on the south coast of England  and today, to make matters worse, the rain seemed to be set in. Never mind, we were destined for a day in the Pyrenees Mountains just a 90 minutes drive from the house.
 As we neared the rain bearing cloud slowly but surely rolled away
 leaving clear blue skies for the rest of the day.
 Although the higher peaks held good amounts of snow
 all the ski resort villages remained closed down
 maybe needing just that extra depth
 that may drag the tourist in?
 While we had formulated an 'Imaginary Bird List'
 including both Rock Bunting and Sparrow
 along with perhaps a far too ambitious
 Wall Creeper there was little bird life at altitude.
 Descending, we did find these rather interesting monuments
which we had not a clue about
 except maybe for this one dedicated to those of the 
Father Land who lost their lives in the Great War.
 Entering the tiny village of ARRENS-MARSOUS coincided with
 Lunch Time
so we took a punt on this local way-side restaurant.
 The fixed menu at €12 started with a Salsa style Salad with 
bread and a decent size carafe of local Red Wine.
Perhaps the photograph doesn't make the main dish look that appetising but believe you me the perfectly seasoned beans complimented with Lamb, Sausage and Duck made for a hearty and warming Cassoulet for such a day. The people here, both staff and clientele, were most welcoming and we completed out repast with a lovely egg custard. 
Before reaching the car we caught a brief sighting of a lone and
quickly passing RED KITE surely the forerunner of more to come?
but before that a 'must' visit to the Canard/Foie Gras Factory.
To see all this fabulous fare made it hard to put the wallet back into
the pocket. It was thought €60 would be enough spend for one day!
Returning to the village, high above and at some distance
were what could only be
We made as fast a progress towards them as we would dare,
and soon they were directly above us.
Thought this little 'montage' worked quite well?
Driving back to
( The House)
we encountered another
News from Hugh's Gardener cum Handyman told of much larger numbers of migrating Common Cranes that he had ever witnessed here before. They all managed to stay out of our way - mores the pity!
and let's hope your friends enjoy the site as much as you do!
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