Saturday, 25 October 2014

Badge - Cream

The World is looking (possibly in vain) for a 
John Symon Asher 
"Jack" Bruce


  1. He was the best Bass player for sure Paul, no doubt.
    Watching him in the Cream Royal Albert Hall concert 2005 I think. Amazingly precise and never missed a note, even though he was not in the best of health then.

  2. The RAH gig was an apex, few could have thought any of the 3 would be able to 'cut it'. The only time I had seen Clapton better was the George Harrison Tribute (although he was coming on nicely when I saw him with Mayall (Beano). Baker was stupendous, despite being a miserable git in life, I once met him in his residential town, Tulbar, South Africa. As for Jack........ wot can you say, he put his fingers on a Bass where most Bassists didn't even have a guitar. You may have already, but if not take a look at 7 Moons with Robin Trower and Gary Husband, that's where Bruce did it best, in the Speakeasies!
    Cheers Roy