Saturday, 27 December 2014

All Around the World - The Jam

It has been a FABULOUS few days (even for the 'oddity' {Bah Humbug} who does't do Christmas) in the company of my Dear Friends the Dampney's and the Wickham's. Xmas Eve began at the home of John (Gramps) and Joyce (Nannie), with Tea consisting of home cooked Ham sandwiches, home made Mince Pies and the most scrumptious Christmas Cake imaginable. There followed something of a  Ladies Night, back at Harbins, where the 3 Equestrian Freinds exchanged presents. Hugh and I were the exceptions to the rule as we joined them for a few glasses of Bubbly and present opening. Most interesting were Jen's 'high-leg' knickers and T-Bear's fold-around riding coat but for pure novelty value
 Janet's 'Personalised' POO-PICKING WHEELBARROW, with
registration plate to match that of her Range Rover CHI2CKS.
 Now what more could a girl ask for?
Christmas Day and we were to be Royally entertained by Janet's brother
Martin and his wife Lisa at their Farm House close to Hurn Village.
 Janet, younger son Gavin and Nanny
 with Gramps and Hugh await the feast, they didn't have to wait long.
 A full roast Turkey dinner was followed by a novel
Apricot and Orange Christmas Pud with a variety of Cream etc,
a rich Hazelnut based Chocolate Trat and a Winter Fruits Gateaux.
 Anyone for
Boxing Day? Well, Boxing Day is traditionally for wlking it all off
before starting again, so while Hugh, Janet, Jen, Flipper and Spot the Dog
went 'walkies', I headed north to find some birds.
While quoted as saying
hardley ever linger in the vacinity of Parley Pond
 the fairly 'hard' overnight Frost, painting pretty patterns on the puddles,
 seemed to have driven them here in search of breakfast?
What were apparent was the largish increase in the number of
 around the Solar Panel and elsewhere.
 An estimated 300+ were in company with a quarter of that number of Fieldfare,
an untold number of Blackbird, Song Thrush, Chaffinch, Goldfinch, Starling
and other usual fare.
 At the Fishing Lakes a Woodcock was flushed, while not altogether unusual
the best haul was to be found on the wastelands behide the Eco Recycling Works.
There, first to spring from the large puddle, uneffected by the freeze, a male
in company with c2 female
which, as far as is known, is a new species here at Parley Court Farm.
In addition there were c4 Mallard, c72 Teal (a record number for the year),
a pair of Raven, c9 Common Snipe and a disappointing c6 Linnet.
As for Boxing Day?
well, I have savoured some fine, fine food at Harbins
over the years but yesterday just nudged into a new dimention.
After the Guest of Honour
had settled down, the other 16 of us
 took our seats.
 Wot, No Starter!
 The Burning of the Midnight Pud
Jimi Hendrix
What a Feast - Many Thanks to Hugh and Janet.
Despite my Ebenezer'al tendencies (not 'mean' but simply a 'none believer')
there have been 'sent' and 'received' a number of very much welcomed
and appreciated messages and photographs.
Firstly (and it has to be said Foremost - no disrespect to others)
those 4 Little Munchkins from Down-Under
Benny, Alex, Elizabeth and Fred
Go On Fred let 'em have it!
Ille from Estonia
Roong and Jean Francois
in Thailand
Vicky Cheng
my Birding Pal and now Dear Friend in Taiwan
about to embark on a Mountaineering course in Kazakhstan and Pakistan.
Best of Luck Vicky.
 Sent by my Birding Mate Steve Smith currently roughing it in the
Pacific Ocean.
You will already find a good number of his images from this trip @
with PLENTY more to follow around the turn of the year!
Take care Matey!
in Port au Prince, Haiti
You make my joy complete , when I receive this little note from you at the end of this year. You are truly an amazing person and our meeting with you was not a hazard. Here in Haiti, Christmas is just a season to reminds us the birth of our savior not a season of celebration as it shows in other nation. The multiple political situation make it almost impossible to celebrate like others. Among everything we are hopeful for the future as keep our eyes unto The Lord . I know this coming year is going to be first class for all of us In Haiti.
Gina and I wish you and your family
A happy new year 2015
Love always
and me Ol' Muckers
EX Boss (emphasised just in case he gets any bright ideas)
(known to the South American Police as Myqueues or Shaver Lane)
The Skinny Kid (right) along with the FFB (Jim the Medic)
Southern SOUTH AFRICA 2006
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