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High Flying Bird - Jefferson Airplane

Returning briefly to my recent visit to Kingston-upon-Thames over the New Year period, it seems certain that one of the highlights was Grandpa Bagsy's own adaptation of the Christmas Classic "When Santa Got Stuck Up the Chimney". With just a few lyric changes (When Grandpa Bagsy got stuck up the chimney) my singing of the song was met by squeals of delight by the Grandchildren. It certainly left an impression on one little boy

2 Year's young BENNY
Even before dawn it was looking as though I'd be able to continue swinging in the hammock and  still add to the Bird Lists at the same time, as a kerfuffle outside had me reaching for the blind. Even at the unearthly hour of 04:30 a male
was going berserk but as he brought up another Year Tick I returned
the Purdey to the gun cabinet - only joking! 
 It was at a far more sensible hour that we caught up with the female.
As so many small birds have taken to the untouched weeds within the
solar panel it was thought impossible to miss the most numerous species
of them all 
but that is just what happened on our first visit of the year to the
north part of PCF.
Not a single one was seem during almost a full morning there, but Hugh
returned with tales of dozens. That, fortunately, was redressed and duly added to the lists.
At the Sewerage Works there was a sight for sore eyes as at least 40
 had congregated there which must be the highest individual count here.
or perhaps that should be plural, are still terrorising the flock of
about 50 birds at the Harbins feeders, after which they are named.
Also appearing on the rapacious scene for the first time this year
It is a short drive around to the gate leading to Merritown Heath
where there were 'certain' to be 2 more addition for the year?
but this is 'Birding'!
after a hour long walk around the Heath
just a single male
was seen, with another, unsexed, heard but not a
Stonechat in sight. Behind Eco things picked up a good bit with a
flushing at my approach while there was also a single
among an estimated 100 Wood Pigeon which also took to flight
from the large area of Canadian Fleabane.
is as the name suggests 'common' here, but there is a great reluctance
flush them so was pleased to see a couple take to the air before getting
anywhere near to them. Starting a walk along the bank of the
River Stour a single
was found feeding deep in the vegetation close to Janet's stable
but there were also c6 others seen scattered across the farm.
have either been absent or simply mute along this beat where they are
usually, at least, heard daily. Lucky then to see one!
Still no Kingfisher and the Otters keeping well out of the way , this
was considered to be the final addition of the day, but you never know!
My attention was now drawn to the sky and a couple more 'odd' flying machines.
Never having clapped eyes on either, both qualified for a bit of research.
Each of the Airlines aircraft bear tail-art of a Scandinavian 'Hero'
this lady is
Swede, Elsa Beskow (née Maartman) 11 February 1874, Stockholm – 30 June 1953, was a Swedish author and illustrator of children's books. Among her better known books are Tale of the Little Little Old Woman and Aunt Green, Aunt Brown and Aunt Lavender.
part of the Churchill Aviation 'Private Charter' Fleet
Right at the Last Knockings and just as you think all is lost the elusive
 turned up with
her 'partner' who was far less obliging.
A Good Day on Home Turf
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