Wednesday, 25 February 2015

A Day in the Life - The Beatles

Almost confined, by choice, these days to what has become through custom, practise and the kind permission of the owners, My Local Patch, yesterday followed a familiar track but not with altogether the same findings. Usually alternating, on a daily basis, my wanderings between both North and South Sections of Parley Court Farm (divided by Bournemoth International Airport BIA) yesterday's experiences were at the former which are shared with you now. From Harbins it would take a full hour to reach the main body of that section, so on such occasions the 'spade work' is done by car. After slaking my early morning addiction for coffee and having yet another

drop from its Wintering Quarters onto the table, it was off to the North.
On Parley Pond the 'pair' of
(along with what are now c4 Coot and a Little Egret)
were noted once again, feeding on or from the abundance of dead
Parrot Feather Pond Weed.
What a delight if they decided to stay and breed!
There was also some early morning activity at
as the new Internet is installed.
I am running a 'sweepstake' on just how long that
remains when the 'real' Boss arrives back from Hawaii on Saturday.
Up there was found to be an inordinate amount of
Human Activity taking place which made me feel
 I had been a little hasty in slagging off the Spanish Contractors who
undertook Parley Phase I of the Solar Panel Farm and then seemingly
cut and ran. Their competitors on Phase II, the German company Goldbeck,
had left a legacy of hundreds of metres of hedgerows, Owl and Bat Boxes 
along with a couple of Reptile Hibernaculas.
 Now it is being shown that Phase I are doing similarly
 by planting no less than 3,000 (yes 3,000) metres of Hedgerows.
I have spoken at length to all involved, from the Head Sherang to the
Planters themselves, including JACOB here, from the Czech Republic, who
is on a 'gap year' from his University in Prague gaining 'hands on' experience
and honing his already accomplished command of the English language.
The Boss has invited me to visit his office tomorrow to view the full plans.
On the subject of Goldbeck in partnership with Silverstone (Green Energy), who have taken over Maintenance of the sites, great interest is still being shown in compiling an 'Archive of Solar Panel Wildlife', which most (if not all) has fallen to me. With no prerequisites as to quality, quantity or distance all that is require of each image is that they show the subject and some part of the complex. I am assured that all will be considered of useful in the long run including these that follow.
The first COOT
recorded on the Irrigation Pond and
As if the sap is not already rising enough the 'bursting' of
brings the Moth Trapping Season ever closer.
Just one of the 10 or more
that have so far successfully 'overwintered' here.
at the Gravel Pit
absent while Gravel Extraction has been taking place over the past 2 weeks
 but back yesterday c26 strong.
 At the boundary hedge between PCF and the Sewerage Works
uncountable numbers of
are now being recorded
on each visit, while a concerted count of
produced a total of 35 mostly vocal and all healthy individuals.
Back to the car and around the largest of the Solar Fields which
runs parallel with the Moors River. There were found a further 50+
Teal, c7 more Gadwall, dozens of Mallard along with c2 each of
(with Mallard) and
Far more unlikely and only the second of the Winter a lone
for whatever reason a
'scarce' bird here.
It is rarely that the car is taken onto Merritown Heath, although
unrestricted access is available, but today was the exception.
Quietly as possible pulling onto a hard standing, close to Bournemouth
International Airport this
 remained sat there at touching distance
 (these images remain un-cropped)
and singing away for all it was worth. Not an opportunity to be missed!
The Heath has recently been least by BIA to Dorset County Council
for 10 years and under their Stewardship is undergoing some 
 major clearance work.
 On arrival, someone in a florescent jacket was seen at the far side
 who approached me while photographing the Robin.
 Great to meet
Tony Harris
who is 'overseer' for the ongoing works which are grubbing out
 good numbers of invasive Pine and Silver Birch Trees along with
80% of the rapidly expanding Gorse.
This should be of excellent benefit to the habitat and I guess the
Firewood will come in handy??
and finally...... we hark back to Sunday and a sumptuous Roast Dinner
in the company of John and Joyce, Janet's Dad and Mum.
Country People who are always on the lookout for such things,
they directed me to my 'second' Butterfly of the year a
left in the barn to continue its hibernation.

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