Friday, 27 March 2015

The Big Ship (instrumental) - Brian Eno (ex Roxy Music)

Tuesday turned out to be the most severe bout of Birdus Interuptus for many a year, while reflecting on watching the
beyond the Solar Panels the evening before and arriving at 
the following morning to find a Heavy Frost.
Despite that, one Moth Trap at least had come up with the goods
in the form of the
Year's First
There was a very nicely marked
March Moth
as well which was thought worthy of inclusion on this Post.
Setting about my daily meanderings, as usual at Parley Pond there
was a;ready a big surprise in store as there, plain as day was a
Thought to have been alone, it was 'bold as brass' until the local 'feral' marauders
stepped in and chased it, as its companion, onto the Island.
 Though at first to be one of our own 2 White Geese
 it was later thought to be one of the large Greylag gaggle,
which comprises c3 such birds and makes home along the River Avon.
Tolerance was short lived with them flying off even before I left to go.
close by, that almost managed to get into focus and as it was right
underfoot the temptation was too great to miss a photo call with the
that has been on this pond since the beginning of the year.
Unfortunately, as a Working (don't you just hate that word) Farm sometimes 'work' has to be done, which that day included installing the water system associated with the recent arrival of the Sheep. That meant the workforce had already put whatever Wildfowl there were on the Irrigation Pond to flight, all except the pair of Coot and another long-staying Little Grebe. The exception was one of the pair of
which never venture this close as a rule so opportunity to get an image 
which includes part of the Solar Panel - one for Goldbecks.
 I often think that my City and Guilds in Cabinet Making has been
wasted as time was taken to admire my own handiwork - the
The Corvid (Crows) Guard is working a treat, but when did you
last see such FINE Craftsmanship??
It is a fact that every year when hearing the first
it takes a full hour to dawn on me just what it is. Such was the case
just before the Text arrived.
Whatever, that could certainly wait until the bird/s had been seen and
identified. One of them was well concealed by the now fast flowering
Sallows, but in full voice, while the other was much closer but no less furtive.
 The song was enough for one and the pale legs and brighter look of the
other was sufficient to separate it from the host of Chiffchaff close by.
 Neither fell to the Canon so the images are those a a last years bird.
"Going to Hampshire on business, followed by a little pleasure
are you interested in coming along"? - Hugh
Whatever he gets up to is always of interest so no need for the
Third Degree before replying with an emphatic "YES"!
 A SLEW for sale had come to his notice, and ever wishing to increase
business mustered all his Digger Drivers to join him on a Hants building site
to appraise the Beast.
 Now, we don't get chance to feature many such Sites here at
a Golden Opportunity to send our LINK to your Friends.
 There it was in all its glory
 and with a name like that
 I'd likely buy it myself.

 ELVIS has now left the BUILDING (SITE)
It was agreed this was a BEAST indeed, but only a Micro Dot
compared to the next which we found Swinging to her 'Pick'
in the middle of the SOLENT
(the stretch of seaway that separates the Isle of Wight {background]
from the mainland.
 known by crew members as the
 The fourth of the Nimitz Class
 her keel was 'laid down' on 31 October 1981 at Newport News.
 Displacement 104,600 Long Tons
 Overall Length 1092 feet, Beam 252 feet, Maximum Draft 37 feet.
 Ah look dad a Car Transporter in the Solent,
must be looking for a sandbank!
 Time for a coffee and roll and a quick look at the outside of the nearby
 Didn't even know of its existence despite having been a
Navy Diver.
 Maybe next time there will be time for a look inside?
 The plan had been to continue for a further mile to see if the
was still at Walpole Park but that's when the HEAVY HAIL started.
Set course for Parley Court Farm Number One, and a quick last look at
4.5 BILLION US$ worth of Aircraft Carrier

We'd like to see the 'shots' from this drone, but don't know how
close the US Navy would permit this to go?

 holding a Ships Company of 3,200 and an
Air Wing of 2,480.
Yesterday? well that rather paled in size comparison as all we
could come up with was the humble
we don't photograph too many of these!
Stop Press - the first HOUSE MARTIN flew over
Harbins Tennis Court mid-afternoon yesterday.
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