Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The Happiest Man Alive - Baby Bird (Indie)

So, the question is did June, and by consequence Summer, come in like a Lion or in like a Lamb? Either way, if the fable is true we should have a Sunny departure from the month. Bournemouth International Airport recorded the odd gust last night of 60Mph (for our Continental viewers 96.6Kph) so combined with perpetual heavy rain it made for an extremely foul night. Despite 'Slight Return II' rocking like a ship on the ocean my sleep remained undisturbed, but on waking there was only one thing on my mind! Even before the undercarriage of any migrant had hit the tarmac here a prediction had been made to Silverstone's (Solar Panels) new in-house Ecologist, Ms Holly Game and today it came true. Being 'right' has nothing to do with it, but what the past 63 days have been about is the daily vigil which on this very day culminated in being 'right'. Hence this extra Post! We make no apology for presenting today's finding in their entirety, not wanting you to miss a single frame - only the 1,793 blurred images have been deleted.
 Was the first
to arrive on April the 1st going to make a Fool of us all
by faltering at the 'second to last' hurdle.
 During those early days, when at least c7 were in attendance here,
there was much puckering up and signs of 'display' and as the Sheep
were moved into another Compound, flushing the Plovers, on
May 8th the opportunity was seized to inspect the nest site and 
take this image.
 The unusual 4 eggs laid it the middle of the gravel/rubble area
directly ahead were to be afforded the very best of security
 with 8 foot high Deer Fences all round,
 the 'Never' Blinking Eyes,
 securely padlocked gates and a self erected
Warning Notice
to those who are obliged to enter to conduct their maintenance duties.
There were few of these occasions.
It was now only Natural Predators that were a concern, but little you can do about that.
On entry this morning, both adults were quickly spotted mainly due
to the continuous 'calling' from both,
a sound that has become very familiar over the passing days.
The birds were along way from the equally familiar nest site, so
again further investigation was made to find an
Empty Nest.
Had it been predated, had they given up under unfavourable weather condition,
had the eggs been blown away?
 Attention was now firmly focused on both potential Parent Birds.
 The actions of one appeared a little strange, continuously fluffing up 
and seeming a little agitated, not at all the behaviour we had noted
all of last month.
 Then, there it was the first of 4 chicks
 which quickly joined the other 3 in the comfort of some warm 
Breast Feathers.
 Over the next hour the adult bird allowed the youngsters to leave the
 sanctuary of its body, from time to time,
 when they all appeared well able to feed
(like all newly hatched Waders)
with the adult perpetually (location?) 'calling'.
but only 2 or 3 minutes at a time.

and a few CLIPS.
The neighbours quickly gathered seemingly to offer their
Hope you have enjoyed sharing this moment as much
as we have.
Surely many more around you would welcome a look as well!
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