Thursday, 15 September 2016

All Things Must Pass - George Harrison

There is an 'almost' unanswerable question that each of us must ask ourselves at one time or another which is, "how long do I have left"? Not one that is asked with any frequency here, but with still a million things to do before departure we are ever aware. With this in mind, the time has come to 'prioritise'! As can be seen, this very day we notch up our 600,000th HIT, which is an ego trip in itself, but there is much more to it than that. When we first took to the airwaves back in August 2009 our 'Recording Area' consisted of the Whole World, with much of it being brought to your front parlour, while today it is made up of just 1500 acres of East Dorset. In the process of downsizing this has generated some difficulty in finding fresh and interesting subject matter and by consequence generates repetitiveness and fact is we still have to commit the 10 most vibrant years of my life to memoir, then something has to give. Not that we think any of the select few are ever going to be that interested enough to read it, but a project that was started back in 1999 simply has to be completed!   
We choose finish in exactly the same way that we started, with this image of a
from off-shore Kaikoura, South Island, New Zealand
along with our
to each and everyone who ever 'clicked' on our Link.
 Farewell, Hüvasti, Orevwa, Wadaeaan, Adiós,  
 Vaarwel, Sudie, Do Pobachennya,  
Do Widzenia, Au Revoir, Довиждане, Hwyl Fawr, 
 Auf Wiedersehen, Hamba Kahle etc, etc.


  1. Jeepers Bagsy! I had a notion this day may come but this took me by surprise. I'm sure I echo the sentiments of every single person who has dipped into your Blog over the years and say it has been an absolute pleasure and joy to read. Always entertaining, always with a wry look on life and some utterly stunning photos to boot. It is a part of my daily routine when I get home from w**k and I'll miss it. Take care, greatest regards, Bomber.

  2. All the very best to you Paul. Thanks for all your interesting and informative posts over the years that I have been following you.
    See you around Dorset one day.

  3. It has been a good job well done Bagsy, and I shall begrudge you not on your decision, but I shall miss my daily visit to East Dorset. If I get back to the other side of the Atlantic would you show me the great bugs and birds of Dorset?

    Doug Faulder

    1. Thank you for that Sire and an Open Invitation awaits, what a thrill to meet such a long time reader from across the Pond. As I have noted to Bomber and Roy, there maybe an occasional Post when something good turns up so please keep an eye open. Thanks again with my Best Wishes Bagsy

  4. Gents, I will address and Thank you both together (and also include John Gifford) as Birds of a Feather always on the side-line waiting to Help, Correct and Educate me as never too old to learn. If/when the occasional 'goodie' arrives here I may well stick it on the Blog, so maybe worth dabbling from time to time. Finally, I'll reflect Roy's sentiment and "hope to see you ALL around Dorset at sometime". Thanks again Bagsy X

  5. Keep up the blogging Bagsy but just reduce the frequency if pushed for time. All the best

  6. Good to hear from you Steve and might just do that, in fact already have as you will see with the Common Snipe vids. Thought I'd put a comment on your Blog when you returned?? and great to see you back in business. Best Wishes Matey and thanks for being in touch. Bagsy

  7. You forgot 'Arrivederci' or ''Ciao' would
    have done...! :).

    Well, needless to say, l'm a bit upset
    about this..shame..did'nt comment that
    much l know, but every single post was
    a joy to read..especially with a lemon
    tea....! And l thoroughly enjoyed all the
    'game'...No!No! Willie...all the wildlife,
    Sorry!!! :).

    And..Who knows we may bump into each other
    one day, in or around Wimborne! As long as
    there's not to much damage! And, maybe enjoy
    a glass of vino together..or two..or...Hic!

    You take care now..Your a numero uno amigo...
    Thanks again for your friendship...even though
    it's through the written word..God Bless Ya...
    And ALL who sail in ya...!!!x Cast Off...!!!

  8. CHEERS Young Willie and who knows what ships 'pass in the night'. Have to admit, having a bit of trouble 'putting it down' and have Posted a couple of things since and probably will for a while yet. The drink will be nice as long as it's PINK Gin, how does it go Heeee Heee!