Monday, 13 March 2017

White Bird - It's a Beautiful Day

Back to days of Dave and Linda La Flame Link 
There was no notification from the Forecaster of early morning precipitation
but what else could it have been that was hammering on the deck-head of
Slight Return II
A quick glimpse out of the porthole confirmed that it was pissipitating down
and not only to my own disgust the local
was taking the full brunt.
While he flew off to seek shelter we decided to take the bull by the horns
and get about our Daily Doings with a visit to the Moth Traps.
Not a lot to report, in fact the only specimen was a Micro and as regular Readers know
"We Don't Do Micros".
Anyhow, when it's Hobson's Choice anything is worth a go
and sending the image for a second and third opinion it was found to be
or to us mere mortals more familiar as
We will not return to this subject in a hurry and 'many thanks' to those concerned.
That done, and making our way round to what is increasingly becoming a
Bird Park
we were able to fulfil a promise to our Readership, made a few days ago, concerning the
a couple of snippets of video before progressing the day.
Heading towards the Common, and it being Sunday an' all it was a
great surprise to find the was access to the
Eco Recycling Works
due to, among other works, the main gate being replaced.
For now it has been replaced by portable fencing and with one section
missing in we went for an undisturbed reci.
Priority was to take a look at what for the past few years has been  a
Sand Martin Colony
and for that matter if any of the birds have returned yet.
The 'bunds' have changed from last year and there were no Martins
but thought no reason why they should not nest as usual.
With that done it was onward to the 2 large pools that have been created
by gravel extraction, for one project or another, and with no workforce on site
there were a number of Birds to be recorded and images taken.
Most of these were Gulls with about a dozen Herring
which were outnumbered 4 to 1 by
There was also a lone
(in the rain) 
with past experiences pointing to a cautious approach.
(showing some signs of displaying)
There were also a pair each of Canada Geese and Gadwall but
by far the best on show were c5
a 'record count' for the Recording Area and including c3 male birds.
Onward, and while the Irrigation Pond is still to the liking of the
Coots there was precious little else to get excited about including the Gravel Pit.
 Not a lot of difference either along the course of the
save for these c3 raucous
also showing signs of getting it together?
There was a lovely stand of fresh
on the Heath along with a few 'ground feeding'
but nothing else.
Was it that time already (it always is) but the hunger pangs were confirming it,
time to make a steady Return to Slight.
With access still available at Eco the temptation was simply too much
so we popped in for a second and final look.
My only God's are Fate and Grabbing/Making Your Own Good Luck
and this was to be a day for both. Scanning the pond which had been scrutinised
not 2 hours ago, there before me was a stunning adult
Not knowing whether to grab the big camera, the video version or phone,
to give Hugh an opportunity to view it before flying off,
 it was the Record Shots that took priority
and no wonder some of them are a little shaky!
Hugh was there only a few minutes later and even though he had
seen many of these across the World it would be true to say he was
staggered to see one on his own turf!
While the Great White Egret has become a more frequent visitor to
our shores. with some becoming resident,
they still remain a 'scarce bird' in Great Britain and in some places,
location zealously guarded, they are said to breed?
We tried some close-ups in an attempt to identify what it was catching,
 which looked every bit like
Not only is this an addition to the
Recording Area List
it also brings up the 150th
Species of Bird to be added to our List.
We make no apologies for swamping you with images and clips
of this
And just when you thought you were going to win a reprieve,
we drove back

to find a 'perfectly plummaged'
(a smaller and far more widespread cousin of the above)

perched at pool-side on
Parley Pond.
United States
United Kingdom
South Korea

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