Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Reach For the Sky - Gary Moore

Most of yesterday's action was focused on Victualling and Bunkering Ship
so just a little less time in the field!
With these continuing high overnight temperatures our hopes remained high,
but the haul from the Moth Traps turned out to be more of a 
Tease then a Triumph!
was the only addition to the Year List which now stands at a fairly modest
360 Species of Macro Moths.
Thereafter is was most pleasing to see just how many  presumed local bred
and an influx of 
are enjoying the bounty of the Golf Course while later
 it was found that the prodigal

had returned seemingly to finish 'feathering his own nest'.
Further to that and along the 
Moors River Water Meadows
it would seem the new 2020 born
are at last enjoying the openess of
Free  Range!
Apart from the Moth above there was something a little more macabre
as we delved into anotther trap to find this

administering its venom into the
 larger body of a hapless
 There was a very brief and poorly captured fly past of one of the
 flew overhead 
before landing at the airport
  on what was in fact
As an ex-serviceman myself all that could be done was to stand there and salute
and produce this small appreciation of all who did so much to 
Keep Us Free! 
 Whether there was a connection or not we don't know, but over the next 2 hours
the sky became full of one type of aircraft or the other!
 We will not even attempt to identify all / any of those seen.
we have never even heard of the carrier
let alone seen it!
 We have seen this Big Chap many times before
 but the capacity just isn't there
to remember all the names - no disrespect!

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