Saturday, 21 November 2020

Here Comes the Sun?? - The Beatles

 Despite a favouable forecast on Thursday night things turned out a little differently which is now unusual as far as modern-day forecasting goes! It was the early morning


 that told the story even at 07:45 looking rather threatening but luck, not better judgement, was on our side.

There was also a poor attempt at a ground frost, with the temperature at just +1°C, which disappeared as the upper limb of the Sun cut the horizon.

We had set 2 Moth Traps which remain aglow for a full 3 minutes when one of them caused a 'short' and tripped the whole system. Soon corrected by disconnecting the culprit we did get a bit of joy with
along with a
The thrust was to follow up on yesterday's finds by targeting Black Redstart which appears to be featuring right across Dorset at the moment. Not a great start, in fact not really a start at all as both ponds were almost devoid with just 3 each of Teal and Little Grebe on the Gravel Pit and not a single peep emitting from the Sewerage Works fence / hedge and that's when the heavy and persistant stuff started! Good job then that we had some dunnage from the day before left over to present here.
While by no means most numerous
were contenders for 'most vocal' with their whispy lilts emitting for much of the surrounding bushes.
Next came a rather obliging
which proved both vocal and
something of a gymnast.
A couple of
were a most welcome sight as seemingly absent right across our Patch
for 2 or 3 weeks or more.
was to follow next
unusually on its own.
Before departure to the Heath we also added a
known in our boyhood as
Hedge Sparrow - which they are not!
Along the Solar Panal Compound were found a trio of
which are likely the vanguard of the more northerly birds
which appear to enjoy the Winter here.
Last, but by no means least, there was a single
awaiting our arrival at the gateway and then a second
on the garden feeders when we returned to base.
Still raining at the completion of this post but it will take a
lot more that that to deter us from yet another wander tomorrow!

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