Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Don't Look Back in Anger - Oasis

Now we are firmly settled into Spring maybe this is an appropriate moment to take an analytical look back across the Winter, but more particularly the Last Two Months! 78 species of Bird thus far is considered to be a 'record breaker' (with the 2020 grand total for last year only 122) by comparison, but on the downside some unexpected absentees such as Crossbill and Lesser Redpoll, scarce but usual staples, foregone are Red-legged Partridge, Little and Barn Owls more hit or miss Woodcock, Wigeon, Feral Pigeon and Lesser Spotted Woodpecker and to think we have only 'heard' Grey Heron and Green Sandpiper on single occassions thus far along, but with c5 species of Moth! They will surely come so meanwhile let's enjoy the second day of Spring. To the south the ⅔ size male


 was striking a pose while continuing its lone existance at the drainage ditch, or as above on the shoreline, while all else at that end amounted to the arrival of another

couple of
Young Ponies
On the way north, it was noticed that mowing operations were now close to completion across the
Relict Section (west) of the Heath
which completes the recent introduction to our new readers.
With yet another 'blank' at the Irrigation Pond things turned for the better at the
Gravel Pit
where 2 pairs of
had dropped in and showing signs of
display, while the previous c2 Egyptian Geese had been replaced by these
Best of all there was saved until last as on departure these 2
were spotted feeding in the margins.
With nothing to keep us at the Sewerage Works Fence it was off to the Heath where, en-route
it was seen just how busy
Mr and Mrs Mole
had been overnight with maybe 'hundreds' of spoil heaps!
Some immediate joy just inside the gateway as met by a
long lost
a similarly
along with an all too mobile but vocal
not allowing for a video clip.
We are not banging any drums just yet, but this could just be the 'start'?
Back at Base Camp the male
seemed unperturbed by our arrival
as stood directly beneath the sapling
thinking this is likely ½ of the
breeding pair that nests annually in the Owl Box at the stable
with the Female arriving just in time
to catch this Post!
Well behind as things stand we hope to bring a little excitement with a Double Catchup over the next couple of days. Thanks for tuning in!

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