Tuesday, 30 March 2021

It's Just a Matter of Time - Brook Benton

Eerily yesterday morning there was not even a peep let alone a full blown Dawn Chorus, which may have had something to do with winding the clocks forward??

Unlike the previous evening when once again we visited

The Dark Side of the Moon

(90% Waning Gibbous)

as watching Pink Floyd's live rendition of

Deliate Sound of Thunder (second only to Pulse)

and featurning Tim Renwick (ex Southerland Brothers and Quiver and Procol Harum) on lead guitar along with Guy Pratt who has virtually fill the vacant position left by Roger Waters on bass guitar and who went on to marry the daughter of keyboardist Richard Wright. Just the mention of Floyd, who take thier name from a combination of 2 black blues legends Pink Anderson and Floyd Council, drums up a thousand memories but none more so than that of our dear departed friend

who was not only a widely lauded Jazz Musician haveing jammed with the likes of Humphry Littleton, Chris Barber and many, many others but also established the annual Swingtime Music Event in Dorchester Borough Gardens, set up both the amazing Weymouth, particularly, and Dorchester Steering Wheel Night Clubs and Music Venues but was also Coxswain of Lord Louis Mountbatten's official Barge at just about every Cowes Week Sailing Event. Across the 80's there were a number of us who would alternate Sunday Dinners at each others homes which was an event not to be missed. However, of all those stories my favourite remains the one of the 60's Rock 'n' Roll luminaries he would coax to the town which included The Hollies, Gerry and the Pacemakers and a very embrionic Pink Floyd just between their first release of the massive See Emily Play and the slightly dark Arnold Layne. He would tell of the difficulty of getting the band out of their Dressing Room a.k.a. The Gents and how they would be kicked out if not striking up within 5 minutes. We think it is safe to say the Sam Fowler was the only man on Earth to ever threaten to 'SACK'
Nick Mason (drums), the long lamented Syd Barrett (multi instruments and brilliance), Dave Gilmour (lead guitar / vocals), Roger Waters (bass and vocals) and Richard Wright (keyboards).

It was difficult to concentrate on Wildlife with all that jingling inside ones head but the immediately recognisable song at the Gravel Pit of our first 'true' migrant of the year a

soon brought us back to our senses (or as close as we can get!)
Also there and seemingly alone was this male
which instantly climbed the bank and started preening,
as if to order for the sake of a video clip, but not so lucky with the huge
Royal Airforce Cargo Carrier
that was masked by the low cloud.
Next door at the Irrigation Pond it looked as though 'the'
was back but as the first was a male,
which had waited so long,
the minute his back was turned she turned up!
 The previously posturing
seemed to have been a little more lucky as she had found her new Beau and we predict a clutch in the very near future?

With all that it took some time to reach the Heath, but more particularly the Moth Traps but well rewarded with a First for Year

but little else until the
ATLAS CI (A-400 M)
hove into 'view' this time
across a clear blue sky.
The theme continued to be "on the wing" as our first
of the year was spotted cutting across the Moor from the south
with not even a 'by your leave' and certainly not as the archive images depict,
while on the down-side the
seemed a little miffed about the absence of their traditional nesting site in the fuslage
of the now cleared away old aircraft.
It was also considered that we may have seen the last of the early nesting and surely incubating
until we located this single and very vocal bird among the Heather.
Returning to base we stopped to admire
our own flush of
and am beginning to wonder if we are getting it right when suggesting these 2
are in fact both
as they embark on a second attempt at
Nest Building?
The Day, but not the Post, ended with a couple of 'clear blue' passes of the
Royal Air Force Cargo Carrier
interspursed by a contribution from Cobham Aviation of a
Dassault Falcon 20
No, we end the Post with what might be described as a
Floydian Slip
or maybe more accurately as
the 9th track from the bands seminal album
Dark Side of the Moon

The lunatic is on the grass, the lunatic is on the grass (BRIDGE)
Remembering games and daisy chains and laughs
Got to keep the loonies on the path

 You will all doubtless remember the quip on the Post of Thursday last reference the                  PANAMA CANAL

which was meant to be witty but seems only left egg on my face as John Gifford wrote to inform me that it is in fact the SUEZ CANAL that is blocked and me an Ex (everyone must be thankful for that) Navigator!!

The lunatic is in the hall, the lunatics are in my hall
The paper holds their folded faces to the floor
and every day the paper boy brings more


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