Friday, 5 March 2021

Moth-er's Little Helper - The Rolling Stones

We'll quickly address our foible of yesterday as still cannot understand why / how we captioned the 'deer' as Muntjak?? Plainly 'Sika' but sometimes worth being a Senior Citizen just to get out of it!

Across the Solar Panel Compound

After that all too short but magical encounter with Dave over the weekend his final words still resonate in my ears, "Thank Heavens that over and don't forget to shut the breather valve on the header tank to the generator"! Comparable with the raising of Lazarus we remembered but an all too long a wait for dusk to arrive and flash up for the first time in anger!

The black cap right on the orange header tank and we'll tidy up the spaghetti later.
All shiny and ready to go the genny did kick in with a few splutters at the first time of asking and with all steaming lights burning brightly we wandered off in search of Woodcock giving it chance to prove all was OK.
As far as the Birds were concerned one
(we are yet to capture this elusive and well camouflaged bird on camera)
was heard (a most unusual sound) flying overhead while a further c3 were noted as we returned to a Darken Ship Trapping Area. A quick check around and a couple more pulls and we were in business again and loitering for anoth 30 minutes all seemed well? Returning the following morning as soon as light would allow we found more darkness and at which point rmembered we hadn't opened the same valve to allow the required air into the system - HIS fault for not telling me!! It was doubtful the engine was running for more than 30 to 40 minutes but the result was seriously astounding given the temperature!  
Quick as a Flash our Ol' Mate was back looking for a free meal
and not caring a jot about Social Distancing, that's me in the mirror!
        First out and in quick succession c3 First for Year
what a start, followed by a
single and again First for Year
as were c4
and we add finally add for comparison this dark phase
along with a far more pale specimen out of the same trap.
With little time for much else, victuals and bunkers were beckoning,
there were the persitant chatterings of 2 or more
A less than enthusiastic rounds of the
Reptile Covers
particularly as Adder has been found on Portland and other County site but only to find
along with a
Rodent's Nest of a Kind
while the largest and heavyest of the corrugated covers had been wind-blown
about 100 yards across the Heath.
Continuing the 'Scrap Metal Theme' this
Airport Hulk
is now open to view after the refurbish which John tells us is a
CANADA AIR CL44 also known as a GUPPY.
The Rare Breed Goats were also allowing for a 'full crew'
in the same field of view while the passing
Skien in Silhouette
were considered to be Greylag on bill size and shape alone.
While we still have not recorded a 'true' migrant yet (early days) things out there really do seem to be perking up, so fingers crossed for days to come and you know where you will see it 'first'!

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