Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Elusive Butterfly - Bob Lind

 With a clear blue evening sky and a

Waxing Cresent Moon
there were no real signs of low visibility but every chance of yet another ground frost at dawn.
A Pea Souper across the Main Pond
didn't seem to be concerning the local
too much as it pull a second plump Earthworm from the frozen ground in quick succession.
Matters only got worse the further north we got and already thought of abandoning the Morning in hopes of a little
(Gateway to the Heath)
 Afternoon Delight
 (Heart of the Forest)
where there was plenty enough light for close quarters activity such as Moth Traps but little else!
We heard the

Red-legged Partridge long before they came into view and appeared to be finding plenty of groceries, but only afforded ourself one click before finding 5 Insects of 7 species and amoung them a most welcome 'first for year'
Largely a Migrant which is as content to fly in daylight hours as it does at night.
Add to that the always welcome
and yet another
carrying a decent bit of fluff on its legs likely gathered from the numerous fallen Catkins?
Time for an executive decission which saw us return to Base Camp and get on with other things while the Sun burnt off the mist. A sparkling and warm Spring afternoon with much improved visibility was surely decent conditions to find the daytime flying Common Heath Moth, but again no such luck.
among the otherWing'ed Squadrons of the Skies came firstly
showing upper side and underwing and
likewise with images of the male taken from Insects caught in Moth Traps
and females at liberty.
more abandonedly
than we have seen so far this year before a second 'first for the year'
Butterfly fluttered into view. this time a
named from the punctuation mark on the underside of the trailing wing.
Although recorded and posted before this year, the temptation was simply too great
not to publish a male
gathering nectar.
 Don't be concerned, it will not harm you
It's only me pursuing somethin' I'm not sure of
Across my dreams with nets of wonder
I chase the bright elusive Butterfly of Love 
Bob Lind 
Once again we take the opportunity to thank all our 
Valued Reader 
and ask again to spread the word to others please.
Thanks and Stay Safe and Well! 

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