Friday, 18 June 2021

The Kids Are Alright - The Who Part II

 After the visit of Lizzy and Fred last week we were champing at the bit to entertain the other 2

BENNY (in mum's arms) and ALEX (second from left).
With memories as sharp as their computer skills there seemed to be but one thing on thier mind, so after the rest of the tribe left to persue other adventures we reminded ourselves of this statute which still remains in law to this very day!

All English males over the age of 14 must carry out at least 2 hours of Longbow

Practice every week, and we were not going to get ‘banged up’ for falling fowl of this! 
Alex the Archer
The Bowman.
After a rather extended period of sheer delight it has to be said it was time to lean on the lyrics of their fellow countrymen (Australian) Midnight Oil to get them to move elsewhere.

Put down that weapon or we'll all be gone,
you can't hide nowhere with the torchlight on.
And it happens to be an emergency,
some things aren't meant to be, some things don't come for free!

Put Down That Weapon - Midnight Oil
During that period we did catch the first sights of the newly fledged
which were somewhat reluctent to fall to the Canon, but not so this
outward bound and a
presumed feeding young.
On the way to the Moth Traps the
was found to be in full bloom as the boys started investigating the
Trapping Setup
and the
Forest Itself - nice to get it tidied up a bit!
With HAWKs proving to be the Great Favourites.
and after a hearty lunch
took to the saddle with Jen in control and for every one that trundles out
one has to return.
A pre-bedtime check on the traps brought another Great Day to an end with the family
coming to collect the next day and with
Dad and Mum getting in on the picture this time and be assured
there are no FAVOURITEs here!
The lunch at the Horns Public House just down the road was worth every penny and adding to an already perfect day an Old Flame Lorraine was also in attendance - YES!

Out where the river broke,
the blood-wood and the desert oak.
Holden wrecks and boiling diesels,
steam in forty five degrees.


The time has come, to say fair's fair,

to pay the rent, to pay our share.

The time has come, a fact's a fact,
it belongs to them (Aborigines) let’s give it back!

How can we dance when our earth is turning,
how do we sleep while our beds are burning?

Two of the BEST if not the BEST Two protest songs ever written!

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