Monday, 12 July 2021

They Only Come Out at Night - Peter Brown

 The continuing spells of anything from light to heavy rain have not detered us from our ventures in fact in one instance gave some direction as to what should be tackled next, but firstly the Moth Traps.

A decent and welcome candidate is always the
but on this occassion immediately outflanked by both
with the 'brace' on this image either side of another beauty
and to round off the Moths for today a
Apart from flashing up the traps at dusk we take to watching the
Denizens of the Night such as Woodcock, Nightjars and of course Owls. of the middle contenders we usually just sit in the Mobile Bird Hide and watch for where they land and in the hope of viewing a nest but ALWAYS at a safe distance, not to disturb. Last year it was
 Dave Foot 

who found a nest while prior to that and the restrictions it was 2 of my now absent c3 apprentices

Josh 8 and Sophie 5 then
who immersed themselves in the study of Moths as well.
So far no luck in 2021 but we are able to bring to you the success stories of those yeas before.
and then just a
random sequence of shots
and videos across those years.

Last Year's so Different Eggs.
Don't Move Much Do They!

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