Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Going Home - Ten Years After (Alvin Lee)

This is the post for Thursday 11th November 2010 and yes I am home, safe and well. Looking forward to updating more tomorrow, but for the moment I think I hear Bowie pouring another cider, so must away - CHEERS, Hic!
If your reading this post then I'm home. Not really sure what the rest of the week will hold but Ferry Bridge and Portland Bill will be high on the list of priorities and I hope to be keeping these pages filled as usual. Thank you all for tuning in during what has been a fantastic adventure, with a summary of that to follow when time allows.

Bamboo Lemur

Ditto closer shot

The nest of Spectacled Greenbul, looking to all intent and purposes to be redundant.

That is until Dad arrives with the groceries, at which

the kids come out to play.

Furry Caterpillar

More Fungus for the Punk!

Forest Tree Frog

Another Spider

Pale morph Madagascar Paradise Flycatcher (male)

Unidentified Fish Sp

Day Gecko

More Forest Blooms

Detail of Tree Boa head

Indri which as well as being the only tailless Lemur, is also the only one that will not survive in captivity.

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