Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I Can't Stand The Rain - Ann Peebles

Heavy rain was the order of the day, and quite simply it just forgot to stop until late afternoon. Not a chance of getting out and about, but again an opportunity to catch up with a few things at home. Setting up the new Blue-ray DVD player was one option but even that beat me so not a very productive day. With no up to the minute photographs, I have returned again to Madagascar making today's post another pictorial.

Madagascar Green Sunbird


Part of the unusual deciduous Forest


Madagascar Magpie Robin


Forest Bloom

Pitta-like Ground-Roller
Baobab Tree

Can you see what it is yet?

These 'Flat Geckos' have folds of skin on their flanks allowing them to cling tightly and blend in with the tree trunk.

Possibly Uroplatus henkely

Ring-tailed Lemur & Verreaux;s Sifaka

and finally, while reading the Blog of my 'Followers' JRandSue (thank you both) I came across this most interesting site with self adjusting maps. Just log on, fill in the Countries / States / Regions etc and there is a record of your own standing. My particular distributions look like this at present:-

Countries of the World visited.

Ditto for the United States of America. The 3 outstanding are Hawaii, Utah and Idaho - watch this space!

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