Sunday, 26 December 2010

Plenty Visitors From The North

Full of Portland crab, Guinea fowl, and fine wine Bowie & Sheila don't seem very interested in the Christmas Day cheese board.

Another glass of Pinot Grigio helped to get yesterday's Blog posted.

and then time for some music courtesy of Orbison, Elvis Costello, kd Laing, Joe Bonamassa, Cream, Jack Bruce & Robin Trower, Radiohead et al.

As for this morning, I should have been up to my elbows in 'mild green Fairy liquid' but Shaun (the guitarist of Christmas Eve) put paid to that. While he's not a dedicated 'birder' he does have a sound knowledge so when he told me he had seen about 12 Waxwings close to Radipole Lake there was only one course of action. Searching in all the right places, there was no sign of them and with the cemetery being a main supply of berries that seemed like the next best bet. About to leave Shaun showed up wanting to show his wife Dulcie the birds and confirmed the tree they had been in. Just as I reached the graveyard I saw them waving and returned to see the

Waxwings flying into a nearby tree.

I made a count of 11 birds, this being 9 of them.

This individual was seen to be 'ringed' but impossible for me to make out any markings.

If anyone can shed any light on the marks I'd be most interested to know.

In addition to these fabulous visitors from the north, there was yet another Common Snipe in the cemetery, c6 male Bullfinch, singles of both Lapwing and Chiffchaff in Pottery Lane and everywhere 'hundreds' of Thrushes.

male Blackbird



Pied Wagtail in my garden,

taking full advantage of the seeds I had put out.

Here's hoping all our readers are enjoying a great Boxing Day!

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