Saturday, 26 February 2011

Another Day At The 'Bill'

We finished our day yesterday with a small party round at our neighbour Joy's house, which I thought novel to say the least. Dubbed a Marks & Spencer party, the idea was that each of us would provide food from that store, but with a spend limit of £5. Not the sharpest knife in the cutlery set as far as shopping goes, I didn't do as well as the others with my Yorkshire Pudding vol evonts, while they produced such things as cod goujons, lasagna, pizza and meat pie. Of course there was also plenty to drink and lots of laughs.

Joy's partner Roy on 'Super Trouper' duties, making sure the spotlight remained on me!

Brian, Shelagh, Julie, Joy Roy and Geraldine tucking in.

and not to be left out Noreen.

This morning I continued the pursuit for a February Wheatear, while at 06-00 the moon was still visible, 30 minutes later it was replaced by the sun and at 07-00

this Carrion Crow was bathing in bright sunlight.

An early bus to the Bill, and as I walked the East Cliff this small work-boat was towing a Histar gunnery target into the English Channel. One a familiar sight out by the Shambles Bank, 'target towing' was a 3 or 4 times a week commitment when I served in the Ocean Tugs 'Sea Giant' and 'Confiance' but rarely, if ever, seen these days.

Soon after I spotted one of the new 'stealth destroyers' of the Daring Class cruising past the East Shambles Buoy quite likely to fire at the afore mentioned target?

En route there were several Rock Pipits, which is usual, this one

highly likely having been 'ringed' by our birding friend Ian Dodd. Haven't seen you lately Ian, but am looking out!

At the Bill there were still c3 Purple Sandpipers present

but unfortunately no Wheatear, Black Redstart or Puffin. I feel sure they will appear eventually.

After a coffee in the Bird Observatory I retraced my steps, finding this Kestrel on my way back to Southwell to catch the bus.

There was also some rather interesting water erosion patterns on some of the blocks of 'limestone' as well.

I arrived home a little earlier than usual today, which might be as well given there are a good number of things I need to do before embarking on a short holiday to Spain next week. More of that later!

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