Friday, 25 February 2011

Oh Islands In The Sun - Harry Belafonte

After both a lull in new countries joining the readership and a great day out yesterday the day ended on a real high note as not ONE but TWO countries were added to the list. We extend a huge welcome to BERMUDA the 126th country to join as readers,

and similarly to the BAHAMAS as number 127, in the hope that if you enjoy the Blog you'll pass the link on to EVERYONE you know - Thank You!

While on a sad note, it is true to say that there isn't a person in our Borough that can level a valid complain of nothing to do hereabouts, so why then does destruction and vandalism prevail?

These shelters, one at Radipole nature Reserve and another at Lodmoor where built, almost single handed, by my friend Lorne (Bowie) Edwards to replace the wooden hides burnt to the ground by mindless toe-rags! They were constructed of 'stouter stuff', metal girders and baulks of timber, in the hope of foiling these Scroats,

but this is what I found this morning as I wandered around Radipole. Someone has tried to set light to this shelter infuriating me so much as to issue a warning that if I come across them one way or another there will be retribution.

and while these photographs of a typical Portland village (Southwell) had been forgotten for a couple of days, I was approached this morning by a gentleman in Easton Square saying he had watched me take them from his home close by.

Sufficient reminder to show the world this beautiful display of Crocus flowers

which adorn most of the grass verges here. However, walking just a few more yards there was a notice in another residents garden chastising the 'DISGUSTING ANIMAL' who left a huge pile of their pets droppings right outside of their house. I don't wish to sound Draconian but I think a set of Stocks would look quite good in the village, and I would happily 'cast the first potato'.

With a weather forecast predicting rain this afternoon, I even 'paid' to get an early start to birding Portland today and with Wheatear high on the agenda where better than the Windmills just off Easton Square? Nothing of note there, I quickly moved on to Weston and Barleycrates Lane where c3 Redwing were seen but that was all, while the East Cliff all the way to the Observatory was similar. At the Obs there was news that the first Puffin of the year had been spotted, so after a coffee I headed for the Bill where there was a steady trickle of sea-birds including Razorbill, Guillemot, Gannet, Kittiwake, Fulmar and c3 Mediterranean Gulls but not a sign of the 'Sea Parrot'. At the Bill Quarry there were once again c2 Black Redstart, but otherwise

just a few of these fungi on the Common.

At home, a couple of e-Mails had arrived from two of my Australian traveling companions on the Madagascar trip, sending me this selection of photographs, previously not seen. I'd like to thank Michael and Janette Lenz for these images and was pleased to hear the disc I sent had arrived safely.

Sheik Ya Moneymaker leaves his Wigwam!

Puffed out after a long day at the Office.

Awaiting sunset atop a mountain.

Another chance to show an unsuspecting audience the 'Bottle Top thru the Hole in the Head Trick'.

and finally a Thank You to Janet Read for identifying yesterdays colourful Beetle as Carabus nitens, and to Paul Harris similarly for the Scarlet Elf Cup fungi. The appropriate amendments have been made to yesterday's post.

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