Friday, 10 June 2011

A Hard Road - John Mayall

Once again the main Refuge was some distance away and inaccessible by bus.

Black-necked Stilt (not to be confused with our own Black-winged) were fairly numerous, as were Glossy Ibis which kept pretty much out of camera range.

Thought to be a Western Bluebird as the other 2 much more nervous birds were of this species.

Western Kingbird

another Northern Rough-winged Swallow

and another Killdeer my dear!

There were at least 6 Red-tailed Hawks seen but only one Swainson's Hawk which may be considered more numerous hereabouts.

and while Lawrence's Goldfinch was not seen, at least the striking American Goldfinch was!

There were 2 or 3 Great Egret

At last near enough to a perched Tricoloured Blackbird an Endemic to California and a World Lifer for me! White on shoulder (at carpel) rather than yellow in Red-winged.

Female Brewer's Blackbird

and then out of nowhere

this Loggerhead Shrike. There were also Barn Swallow, Great Blue Heron, Yellow-headed Blackbird and Canada Goose see, but huge bonuses were 2 Lark Sparrows and a late arrival Black Swift both additions to the World List.

Ground Squirrel?

and some of the heavy Agricultural Plant used here.

We've all seen the films of convicts shackled together scything the roadside verges in states such as Alabama as a chain-gang? Well, that's what it felt like walking back to catch the bus. The driver, April, had kindly dropped me about 4 miles further than her route usually takes her, and now I had to get back.

The rendezvous was the local jail, where I found just a chink of shade provided by a roadside electricity sub-station - Pheeeeeew!

Trip List = 67 World Lifers = 8

an early post today as I'm just about to hit the Hard Road again, so maybe you need to continue reading yesterday's offering?

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