Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Communication Breakdown II

Unfortunately, there was no Internet access available to me yesterday at all, hence the missing post, we will endeavour to better in the future. Today we managed a trip to the city and enjoyed a look around some of the familiar sights, including the Botanical gardens, where there were some birds as well. Even though most of these will be known to many I have added a caption.

Sydney Harbour and Opera House.

Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Pot's Point, Bernard & Lisa used to live in the terracotta coloured apartment block, 15 stories up, before having their 2 babies, great views of Russel Crow's house, left.

Royal Australian Naval Base.

Manley City from Seaward.

Aussie Submarine.

Botanical Gardens
Grey-headed Flying Fox

Pied Currawong

Rufous Whistler

Silver Gull

Welcome Swallow

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