Sunday, 7 August 2011

We Are Family - Sister Sledge

A few photographs from yesterday to start today.
After all the greetings it was down to a Champagne Breakfast,

and a cuddle from Lisa & Julie.

The Birthday Girl opening her presents.

Looks like Frederick will take after his Grandpa after all!

With just a slight adjustment, this was the first time I have ever given anybody a '1/2 year old' birthday card.

There is a definite chill in the air here and the morning was met with overcast sky but no wind. For me it was an early return to the Blue Gum Trail and a first look at the Golf Club area. The 'dawn chorus' hereabouts is a raucous cacophony of Parrots, Cockatoos and Miners the later being the only passerine seen so far.

First on the day list and new for the trip was a lone Grey Butcherbird followed by

Pacific Black Duck.

Torresian Crow and

Galah were also new but the latter, often seen in plague proportions, were distant and not performing at all well.

A pair of Australian Magpie-lark were fairly obliging while

this pair of Maned Wood Duck with family, wandered close by.

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo are extremely numerous as are close relative Rainbow Lorikeets. A heavy downpour of rain forced me back home, but to be honest a coffee was well overdue while the pancakes with blueberries and honey didn't go amiss either. With everyone ready for a run out, we headed for Balmoral Beach just a short drive from home where there were a few birds one of which produced the funniest moment of the day.

Armed with lovely Fish & Chips we found a park bench and enjoyed our picnic meal except for Nigel who had returned to the car to collect a jacket. On his return he unwrapped his food and about to bite into the fish

the Laughing Kookaburra on the left

launched from its perch and swiped half of his Cod.

Unfortunately, I was a little slow to react and missed capturing the impact,

but as the bird struck home, carrying off the top half of the fish,

Nigel was startled and dropped the other half.

Seen eating the fish in the 2 photos above, this one shows a very self satisfied bird,

as does this head detail.

Again the rain spoilt the show, and as we headed back to the car the top arc of a rainbow could be seen above the tree line. At home there was lots more time to spend with the Grand Children including

a little Computer Tuition before bedtime. I think I've grasped most of what Frederick taught me!

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