Friday, 23 September 2011

Frank Zappa & the 'Moth'-ers of Invention

Not a lot of change in the weather today, but interesting to note 3 forms of 'cloud' partially covering the sky, cumulus, altostratus and at higher altitude cirrus, which eventually the sun managed to force its way through.

A great start in the cemetery as far as birds were concerned, with the first 2 returning

Mistle Thrush flying around and letting out their distinctive chatter. To my knowledge there has been no confirmed breeding here for the past 3 seasons, but it is hoped they will return to that in the near future.

At Radipole small foraging groups of Long-tailed Tit are now gathering and also seen was a single Whitethroat a few Chiffchaff & Bearded Tit

plus 2 Water Rail appearing to get bolder as the year gets longer. At the Bill numbers of Wheatear seemed much reduced, but there were far more Goldfinch and Meadow Pipit heading seaward along with a few Swallows.

With the absence of birds, there is always something of interest to be found in the Observatory Moth Traps, for want of a better description a large bucket filled with egg trays and fitted with a Mercury Vapour (or other) type light. The insects are attracted to the wave length of the lamp, fall into the trap and seek shelter in the trays. Last night seemed to have been quite prolific as there was much to see this morning, an example of which are shown below.

Pink-barred Sallow

L-album Wainscot

Rusty Dot Pearl

Angle Shades

and with nothing else to report, we can once again return to Venezuela to admire

The mythical Hoatzin

Common Black Hawk


Great Potoo

Capped Heron and

the mighty Jabiru

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