Saturday, 24 September 2011

None So 'Righteous' As The Brothers!

A dramatic looking sky to start the day, as the sun peeked above the building line of Weymouth sea-front with a black as black 'front' directly over the border of Weymouth and Portland. Fortunately, this came to nought as I headed to Portland via the cemetery which held a fair number of newly arrived Robins, a few Goldcrest and a passing Yellow Wagtail.

A veritable armada of small boats were leaving Weymouth Harbour as I crossed Town Bridge, all taking advantage of what promised to be a fine day. Barleycrates Lane produced 4 Tree Pipits, 3 Whinchat,

no fewer than 10 Stonechat

and literally 'hundreds' of Meadow Pipits.

Along the west cliff there were good numbers of Fox Moth Caterpillars which was about all for the walk down to the Bird Observatory.

Not a lot happening there except like yesterday the wonders of the Moth Traps, My absolute favourite name for any of the Moths is Setaceous Hebrew Character, where did that originate, of which there were a few

along with Black Rustic which despite being all black, as the name suggests, is a most striking insect.

It is never known what exactly might be found in a Moth Trap, there were a couple of Crane Flies (Daddy Long-legs) today, along with

the first Large Ranunculus of the year at the Obs

along with several Common Wainscot. Coffee and some usual banter and I was off towards Weymouth via the East Cliff, always a most therapeutic walk.

Having consulted some of the most knowledgeable locals, I am still at a loss as to be sure exactly what these concrete structures are. Most seem to think they or foundations for Gun Emplacements, which is probably the most logical answer.

No doubt about the identity of this bush, which is a Fig on which I have never seen a single fruit. However, with the amount of figs I am getting from Bowie and Sheila at the moment, no worries!

With brilliant seascapes to my right and the jigsaw of redundant stone quarries to the left, you'd hardly need anything else but there were a few birds including

Rock Pipit

Northern Wheatear,

Common Kestrel and

lots of Linnet and Goldfinch.

The local crab/lobster fishermen appeared to be doing well as I saw them remove a couple of large Lobbies from their pots as I made towards the bus to Weymouth.

Assured of a great laugh at The Swan pub in town, I met up with a few friends for a couple of wines - Micheal, Cath, Val, Helen and Leslie, but none of us were ready for this card!

A group of noisy young men, obviously from the Welsh Orchestra as they were all Har'-pists, entered and 'his nibs' launched straight into the Righteous Brothers classic, You've Lost That Loving Feeling, directing his attentions to a young lady on her own content to eat her dinner. Having whipped us all up into an accompanying frenzy Fonz, as I discovered later, simply gave the lady a gentle, friendly hug to the applause of us all. She it transpires is from Cape Town, and took the whole thing as if it happens to her every day, leaving the whole place buzzzzing. I hope you are both reading this because if everyone was like you 2 there would be a State of Palestine!!!!

A thousand kids run around hungry, 'cus Ma was a louse,
Daddies down at the Whiskey house! - Jimi.

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