Saturday, 29 October 2011

"Bed Time" said Florence, "OK" Said Zebedee

"The train now standing at platform 2 is the 10:26 to Bologna"

After a most pleasant and memorable stay in Pisa it was time to continue the journey, by train, first to

Florence to spend a few hours viewing some of the finer points such as

the various aspects and buildings of the Grand Cathedral that is

The Opera di Santa Maria. Some long time was spent here before

discovering some of the thoroughfares in the city and

other buildings of interest. Unfortunately, there wasn't time to investigate all the names, before

moving on to The Accadema Gallery (left) which houses

Michelangelo's David

In the entrance porch stands another fine statue, this time of


Time was ticking on and I needed to catch the onward train, The EuroStar
fron Florence

Bologna followed by an almost immediate connection to

the small city of Rimini, where the time was not as the clock said but a good deal later. After some fantastic help from the lady at the Information Centre, she sent me off to an equally well appointed hotel as last night for less than half the money. Guess it depends where you are? Once checked in, I was lucky to find another group of

Lovely People at the Pizza Parlour just around the corner.

Here for less than 15 Euros I enjoyed a huge Pizza, a beer and a bottle of 'full bodied' Sicilian red
Bon Apperte & Good Night

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