Friday, 28 October 2011

'Leaning' On A Lampost - George Formby

Breakfast was of the 'continental' style but plenty of it and good variety, enough certainly to set me on my way for a day in Pisa.

Beyond the small Market Place and the City Walls is the

is the Basilica Rotunda

enclosed by even more City Walls.

Another, much larger Market

lines this part of the town

with what was considered a rether interesting and ornate door.

On closer inspection, the Rotunda was seen to suport a good number of Feral Pigeons, and not suprisingly breeding Peregrine. Maybe needless to say the 'trip bird list' had already been started with Robin, Collared Dove, Long-tailed Tit, Jackdaw & Little Egret while the distant Gulls flying overhead were considered to be Yellow-legged bringing the total to 8 species.

While I didn't or haven't researched all of the buildings, I did discover the 3 photographs above are of the Santissimo Sacramento looking resplendent in the bright sunlight.

Having seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa many times on the TV and in films, I had never had a burning desire to get closer, but had I not it would have been a great loss to say the least. Not only the 'tilt', built this way by design and not resulting from subsidence etc, but the architecture are of great interest and seen in this light (compare to yesterday) looked at what must have been its best.

In addition, I somehow had the idea that it was also coloured (shows how much attention I pay to the tele) not this beautiful natural (presumed) lime stone. Top of Tower in close-up.

Bet no one's ever thought of posing like this before?

Some of the gardens hereabouts, very well cared for.

I never did find out what this building was, looked every bit ecclesiastical, but a fine edifice all the same.

A great day and a wonderful city to wander around. Even the Local Polizia were friendly and very helpful. Strangely, I thought, these 2 officer were wearing the insignia of Paratroopers and told me that's exactly what they are - 15 jumps each, and counting.

Finally, Starling, Magpie, House Sparrow plus Carrion & Hooded Crow joined the Trip Bird List bringing the first 'full' day total to 13 - it will be time to hit the road again tomorrow!


  1. Buon giorno Signore.
    When we visited the place I was surprised how small the tower was Paul, I was expecting something much bigger.
    Have a nice trip.

  2. Thanks Roy, your Italian still seems in tact!