Saturday, 5 November 2011

Genova to Geneve

The main city bridge

with Lake Geneve on this side and the River Rhone on the other (photos to follow)

I always love to see a park with a 'bandstand' especially with autumnal trees.

Want to buy a watch Jon? 2 of the 'big' houses Rolex and Patek Philippe

Just like Greenhill Gardens, Weymouth!

'Conkers'! and Chocolate Conkers to you too!

In this shot the tree was more interesting than the Cathedral.

Geneve Cathedral

&&<span class=It's handy to have a Pub right next to the Church, out of one and into the other.

I make no secret of my loathing for shops and shopping, but like most other things there is always an exception to the rule,

and this is it!

Although only looking, I was made most welcome by these 2 'Master Butchers' it being the first privilege to see them at work. A fantastic selection of meat,

including quite a selection of poultry including game birds.

The selection of wine was up there with the best, in this rack alone there were bottles of Montrose, Palmer and Lynch Barges,

while the next highlight came by way of these Black Truffles. The size of the afore mentioned conkers (including seed case) they were priced at 54 euros (£50) each.

By comparison, these White Truffles clock in at a massive 6,000 euros per kilo.

Foie Gras usually raises some controversy, but I can put up with that especially when complimented by a decent Sauternes.

My hope is that the Manager of this delightful store and the 2 butchers take up the invitation to visit the Blog as I would like to thank them for their hospitality and warm welcome.

A few city scenes among the road works,

including the River Rhone

and the sluice gates that control water levels.

A nifty solution to some of the homelessness in the city, these 3 Mongolian Gurs (Yurts) just fit the bill.

Feeding time at the Duck Pond.

The other side of the City Bridge

with more views of the Rhone.

Originally a simple security valve at the Coulouvrenière hydraulic factory, the Jet g'eau, this water fountain has over the years grown to be the symbol of Geneva.

In 1891, it was transferred to the "Rade", to become a major tourist attraction. However, it was not until 1951 that it was provided with an autonomous pumping station, propelling 500 litres of water per second to a height of 140 metres at a speed of 200 km per hour (124 miles/h). Eight 9,000-watt projectors light the fountain’s majestic column in the evening as it soars skywards.

Along with Coot these Tufted Ducks add 2 new species to the Trip List now standing at 42.

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