Sunday, 6 November 2011

Going Home - Annie Haslem (ex Renaissance)

Another notable addition to the Blog Stat Counter as Turks & Caicos Islands join the readership which in addition to San Marino, who use Italian links, make up 156 Countries / Regions. It would be great if the link could be passed on to all your contacts - Thank You!

Left Switzerland this morning by train and via

Basel and Zurich then took the coach to


I have to confess to a little cheating here as this is when the camera flash card started playing up.

Only a very short stay, in what is country number 125 - some may use the word 'twitch' but there was still a way to go to reach

country 126 and the last on this 'whistle stop' journey.

The camera was still playing up.

A local train took me onward to Brussels where I picked up the Euro Star for St Pancras, London.

On that train I met artist Hemadi who was reluctant to divulge his country of origin, but we did talk an awful lot about Oman, Qatar and Yemen from which I got the feeling he originated from the latter. Not that it would make an ounce of difference to me, as he was great company as we talk about art, travel, wine, music etc before deciding to head for the beer bar. Good luck to you Hemi, great to have met you.

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