Saturday, 18 February 2012

It's Not Unusual - Tom Jones

With still much to do by way of preparation for the trip and a predicted chance of rain before noon, there was only time for a quick couple of hours on Radipole this morning. It was very much a case of the 'usual suspects' but back at home these few shots gave me opportunity to get to grips for when the big lap-top is superseded by the 'tablet' while on tour. A few frustrating little quirks but by the time I get back it should be second nature.

Mild again with the same gentle breeze along with an overcast sky there was always a 'feel' of rain about the morning but that wasn't concerning this Collared Dove in the cemetery.

Once again the wintering drake Pintail was showing on Radipole,

today engaged in much preening and wing stretching.

Pochard were busily feeding from the muddy bed of the lake,

reminding me of the lyric "eh you are a mucky kid".

There was also quiet a change in the Gull count today as unusually Common Gulls outnumbered even Black-headed 2 to 1.

However, 'Best in Show' had to go to a couple of Mediterranean Gulls

already in full 'summer plumage'

but not only that, they were also in full courtship mode. What us humans might describe a a form of kissing,

neck stretching,

promenading and how great to hear that gentle yak, yak call!

Great Crested Grebe now appear to be returning from a winter at sea, and also showing signs of 'crests' and rufous neck feathers,

while their small close relative the Little Grebe are also starting to look spring-like.

Just to 'trial' the video function on the small camera and prove they upload to the tablet, here is short footage of a

Justify Full
Little Grebe having just caught a Minnow then being pursued by a hungry Black-headed Gull.

and finally, over the past couple of weeks I have been giving the latest offering by Leslie West (lead guitar / vox) an airing and feel much water has past under the bridge since his first 'popular' incarnation under the banner of Mountain (Felix Pappalardi bass/vox, Steve Knight keys & ND Smith drums) Despite a host of guest guitarists (Zakk Wilde, Slash, Joe Bonamassa et al) Usual Suspects falls below the expectations I had of West. However, on the up side this did encourage me to dust off the Mountain LP's and revisit such classics as

Theme From An Imaginary Western

penned by Pete Brown of Piblokto and Jack Bruce, formally of Cream and still the most mesmerising Bassist in the world, who later replace Pappalardi after being shot to death by his wife. There are better sound reproductions but this gives the true feel of Yasgur's Farm, Woodstock.
Nantucket Sleighride

Before most of us got the right message, a Nantucket Sleighride was the colloquial term for the experience in a small boat following the harpooning of the Mighty Sperm Whale!

Both tracks are contained on the highly recommended CD 'The Best of Mountain'

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