Sunday, 19 February 2012

Same Course, Same Speed

Apart from a thin veneer of early morning frost anyone could be forgiven for believing that today was the first day of spring. Sun beaming from a cloudless sky, there was also a gentle breeze from the north west which would only be felt to full effect later in the day. Most of the common garden birds were in full voice but prominent among them were Blackbird and Chaffinch both seemingly chasing potential partners or warding off rivals in the cemetery.

The dead reeds at Radipole looked golden under these conditions while across the bye-pass road

this distant Song Thrush

was adding its own accompaniment to something of a perfect day.

An impromptu shot of a pair of Shoveler landing close by was followed by

that of Herring Gulls plus a Cormorant on one of the small islands at the north end of the lake.

Further to the north and very distant something seemed to have flush a number of birds including the male Marsh Harrier, a Little Egret plus about 20 Gadwall.

Also showing well for a change were a couple of

Cetti's Warbler, the speciality of the reserve,

along with Wood Pigeon

and probably as many as 50 Common Snipe.

My first reaction arriving at Ferry Bridge by bus was Brrrrrrrr as thus far the conurbation had provided a perfect lee from the stiff and chilly wind.

However, quickly back to business as a Little Egret

flew in to join 2 others in Portland Harbour, where also

these 2 drake Red-breasted Merganser

were unusually close to the road.

Brent Geese were thin on the ground, with this half dozen being one of only 2 small skeins seen today.

The other party of maybe 20 individuals were only seen as result of disturbance by these high powered military craft

which were thought quite likely to be training for security measures at the up coming Olympic Games Sailing Event taking place in local waters this summer. I'm sure the splendid backdrop of the Purbeck Hills and cliffs will not have gone unnoticed by the readership, what a sight and there are miles more!

The highlight of the day came, and went very quickly, while taking a look at the building progress of the new Chesil Beach/Fleet Visitor's Centre. A Black Redstart was flitting around inside the fenced off area but never allowed for a photograph this one having been taken from the files.

and finally the Speedboats returned to the Fleet and most likely to the Army Bridging Camp just beyond the caravans on the next headland.

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