Saturday, 3 March 2012

Back To The D.M.Zee and the Mine Field

Another bright, sparkling, chilly but windless day on which we start with a few familiar faces, make some addition and end as we started. Unfortunately this is my last day in Dong Song which I doubt I could have enjoyed more. Lovely town, friendly and polite people plus a whole host of Birds and other Wildlife, A Huge Thank You to everyone but more particularly
Jongsoo, Mihaung & Saeyeon

Great White Egret

Cinnerious Vulture

Eventually, a couple of reasonable shots of Rustic Bunting,

then Jongsoo, Mihuang and little Saeyeon took me to the D.M.Zee. Visitor's Centre and to view the Zone itself.

The road leading to the Viewing Platform is flanked by Mine Fields, good for Birds, when was the last time you heard of a Robin loosing a leg to an Anti-Personnel Mine?

Cheorwon Peace Observatory

With the number of military personnel in evidence here it maybe that they drink one of these reservous daily.

Just 4 Km to the DMZee and the mountains of North Korea beyond.

A scale model of how the land lies.

A multi-faith area Buddah stands proud.

Pleased to be able to bring you some better photographs of

Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker (which was a 'lifer' a couple of days ago).


joins the World List today!

and finall, who could resist one more look at these fabulous birds

White-napped Crane

adult & juvenile Red-crowned Crane

and a mixed group of both.

Trip List - 54 World Lifers - 10
PS - It will be a transit day tomorrow, but a series of as yet unpublished photos may fit the bill.

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