Sunday, 4 March 2012

Out For A Duck

I really seem to have developed a soft-spot for Dong Song, and as for the people everyone I have met has been extremely welcoming. All good things must come to an end, so armed with my little bag of Korean bread and savoury minced meat in steamed pastry packages I begin another day on the road. From here it's back to Seoul, then change bus for Seosan which is at the heart of the west coast. With no field work today I thought you might like to brows these shots taken yesterday of some pretty startling avian action. You'll have to excuse the flippancy that goes under the heading of humour - ENJOY!

This Osprey, at least that's what it seems to think it is, simply stooped from above with tallons

bared and ended up in the middle of the river, completely submerged for a while. Question is "what is it standing on"?

There has already been a clue in picture number one, but guess you'll be as amazed as we were when you find out. Already some of the locals were getting annoyed, like this Large-billed (Jungle) Crow, but this was only the begining of the struggle.

I think we have all realised by now that this is a Goshawk but nonetheless it still appears to be standing on or struggling with something below.

Just like an hour swimming in Weymouth Bay,

it suddenly started to do the 'crawl',

slowly but surely getting nearer to the bank.

Pheew, nearly there then I can get rid of whatever it is that's stuck between my toes.

Well, would you Adam & Eve it and under water Wood Pigeon,

and we knew we were looking at 2 of them as we watched from the bridge some distance away.

A Goshawk with a Mallard, well there's no reason why not but doubt you'll find many Ducks among the Pine Trees in the Forest of Dean!

OK, shall we go this way

or that way and shall we have it a la orange or Peking style?

Either way first we have to get its vest off

and keep it firmly pinned to the floor

before we start a little 'blood letting'!

Oh cripes he's still a bit perky,

and now he's trying to relieve me of my liberty bodice.

Well being as he's kicking those little legs,

might as well sing it a little song

and now look it's a 'duet'.

Right let's get down to the business in hand, a little more of the old tomato ketchup, and

ay up who's that sneaking up on us.

Aw my gawd it's the local thugs

don't they know there's no such animal as a 'free lunch'?

Girt You Cow Son,

n' don't come back else I'll get in a flap.

Go on push off and let me get on with me dinner.

This is starting to look like a Beggar's Banquet, so feast your eyes.

Right, that's got rid of that lot so it's time to settle down to a spot of pudding!

Lovely grub.

and after a good meal,

Mum, I think I've got a wishbone stuck in mi froat!

The whole scene viewed through the eyes of a 7 year old girl. Saeyeon spent ages observing the goings on, perched with us on the parapet of the road bridge, through her dad's telescope. She says she wants to be an artist one day, don't know about you but I'd say she already is?

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