Monday, 12 March 2012

Bad Motor Scooter - Montrose (feat. Sammy Hagar)

A pre-breakfast wander around the Botanical Gardens in hope of clearing up on the last 2 (what might be described as) common species here that have not yet been seen. Several dozen TREE SPARROWS were in evidence right away,

closely followed by one of the remaining 2 outstanding species SPOTTED DOVE.

Again, lots and lots of Japanese White-Eye

but like most of these small canopy dwellers not easy to get the lens on!

A Himalayan Black Bulbul was seen much better than previously, pity the same couldn't be said of the photograph.

Then came the final prize (in this case for the most pathetic photo of the trip) never mind it was still a BLACK-NAPED MONARCH not only an endemic Sub-species but also a World Lifer.

Being such a classic bird it was worth borrowing a proper image from Wiki Images to illustrate it to its best. There were 3 in total, a male plus 2 females, all in the gloom of the trees and prevailing weather but, as I've said before SEEN for all that.

Yes, it was coffee I could smell, so after that and a bun it was thought worth a wander around the heart of the city, and well worth it I have to say.

This is a city of Motor Scooters which only have 2 speeds, 'break' & 'neck'! My rule of thumb is to watch the locals, and when they cross I cross.

The 'hub', probably of the whole country let alone the Capital, is the
Chiang Kai-shek Memorial

Along with his predecessor Sun Yat-sen, still revered here in Taiwan his image still on many banknotes, these names were very familiar to us when we were children.

With this building being the National Theatre.

Other buildings and monuments around the City Square where today there was much activity preparing for some big event.

Detail of Theatre wall.

Theatre roof detail.

City Financial District.

Just a little too late to hear the band.

Taiwan Parliament Building.

and just to labour the point about Motor Scooters.


  1. Weird science. i was listening to a tribute programme on Planet Rock, dedicated to Ronnie Montrose who died last week and listening to Bad Motor Scooter when I opened your blog to see the title.

    Keep upbthe good work and safe travels


  2. 2 Ronnies in fairly quick succession, Dio late last year etc. Yes a bit spooky but keep reading Jack.
    All the Best.