Sunday, 11 March 2012

In A Gadda Da Vida - Iron Butterfly

With little or no improvement in the weather it was decided on more of the same at the Botanical Gardens. Not sure of the history here but guess like many places of the kind

religion plays a large part, maybe hence the fine buildings.

Particularly this small temple where not only was the architecture pleasing, but here I also met the Chair Lady of the Taipei Bird Society who was especially helpful.

Among the thousands of botanical exhibits this colonnade of climbing plants was of particularly interest. Pity the blooms were just past their best. There were also a few different birds to see with first on the scene one that is familiar from other journeys through South East Asia.

WHITE-BREASTED WATERHEN is a dinky little thing

hardly bigger than a Water Rail and common throughout.

This small Pagoda proved most useful as I spent much of the day seeking shelter inside of it!


COMMON KINGFISHER, Tree Sparrow, Moorhen, Magpie plus a less than thoroughbred Mallard were seen.

Just a very small example of the Gardener's work here. Best bird of the day was last up and then 3 turned up at different locations.

The 'Trip Reports' suggest that the MALAYAN NIGHT HERON can be difficult, roosting in trees with dense foliage during the day.

All 3 could easily have been overlooked, but like this one with a fat millipede,

the others were also feeding

in undergrowth

with some small clearings, during the day. According to the list of the common birds here, so far only 2 have been missed which will be tried for tomorrow - HERE'S HOPING!

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