Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Clutching At Straws - Marillion

Not even The Fat Birder gives any advice on where to pursue the hobby in Laos, and there sure as hell ain't no Birding Pals to lean on, with only John Gifford coming up with a couple of suggestions that were simply too distant. Thanks anyway mate! It was a matter of Grasping Dried Wheat Stems and take the only action available to me, phone Mr To To. He was the guy who brought me across the border and had, by luck (for me), left me his card. Admitting to not knowing a thing about our feathered friends, he did know where the woodlands were and where they are you can usually find a target or two, so I hired him for the day.

Soon after having struck the deal I met Jordan and Deia, 2 youngsters freshly discharged from the Israeli Army and now hell bent on covering as much of the world as resources would allow. They had just been disappointed by not being able to secure a guide so were only too happy to join in my mini venture.

Before we left I did give them the bog standard advice not to get too interested as it could be the end of life as they had come to know it! Just ask the Liftons?

We headed for a small lake some 30 miles north of Vientiane but all day there was little in the way of bird life. Here are what few photos were taken.

Only half a dozen species of bird were seen all day with this TAILORBIRD Sp

being one, remaining unidentified.

BLACK DRONGO showed in fair numbers

while this 'little fella' being the only prospective addition to any of the lists.

We are still struggling with the new format, completely loosing the first attempt of composing this post which takes about 2 hours. Google have just been sent a scathing report.

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