Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Israelites - Desmond Dekker and the Aces

It had been unanimous that having hit it off so well yesterday that Jordan, Deia and I should spend another day together. To that end, we re-engaged Mr To To and decided on a 05:00 start from my hotel. After a full hour waiting on the roadside there hadn't been sight nor sound of anyone, but that's when the 2 young Israeli's appeared. They too had waited but our driver and guide had failed to show so we quickly decided to do the trip on our own. Nam Nagum Lake is some 60 or more miles from where we stood so we quickly boarded a Tuk Tuk to take us to the Southern Bus Terminus. Public transport doesn't run as far as Keo Oudou, the nearest village, but after buying fruit and water from the local stalls we were well on our way. At the closest point to our destination we tried for a lift, and on first time of asking got a man, his wife and tiny baby to take us to the next village.

In the 4 x 4 was something none of us had ever seen before and that was a live TV incorporated in the rear view mirror, anyone else have that on their Life List?

Taking us firstly to their home, Jordan helped with unloading the sacks of rice, or whatever it was,

while the rest of the family, Mum and 4 more children were introduced.

We were offered drinks and the best hospitality before being whisked off to meet the local guide who 

was happy to lead us but only on his terms. We didn't want a guide anyway and there was a certain air of dissatisfaction when we went our own way but after all it was only a direct track to the waterfall.

The news we received en-route was all bad, in as much that the locals 'eat' all the wild birds they manage to catch hence not a lot to see.

However, on the 'plus side' this was a complete Insect Paradise, especially Butterflies so here is some of what we saw.

At the 'check point' about 2 'clicks' down the track there were the most Butterflies and a couple of lads with motorbikes, this would make the going a little easier we thought, but NO!

It is rare or, in our own experiences, unheard of for young Asian lads to turn down a 'fist full' of Kip for their services, but for whatever reason they wouldn't or couldn't take us so we continued on foot.

Another mile up the road and the humidity and the ankle were getting to me, so decided to go back alone. At the same barrier a couple of other people had arrived and doing my Long John Silver limping impersonation managed to persuade the new arrival to take me to the main track.

A blessing in disguise as where he dropped me off there was this shack which offered shade, while he, I thought, had pointed me in the right direction back to the capital with the promise of a bus at some point.

I did hitch one lift who told me I was heading in the wrong direction followed by a General Purpose lorry which along with a bag showing the words PORTLAND CEMENT (I thought I was in Easton) under the man front left, the other 'parcels' contained lumps of dead pig. Anyway, any port in a storm and after an even more bumpy ride I was back at SB Terminus.

Luckily, the 3 of us had arranged to meet in the evening for a beer and proper farewell, where they told me they too had decided better of continuing the full walked and had similar fortunes to myself getting back.

Finally, when I got 'on line' there were messages from the 2 Skinny Kids on the Buchan Alpha Oil Rig, the first from Jim the Medic.

This will show what sort of mates he and his Lady Liz are, they wait until I'm out of the way

then go to see Joe Bonamassa - it'll cost them in the long run.

While Billy Crumble was busily recording wildlife on and around the rig in my absence.
ATLANTIC GREY SEAL with what looks like a PLAICE, note 140 metres of water under the Buchan

glad to see you still at it Crumble!

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