Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The King's Highway - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

To say it's a long way from Perth to Port Hedland could be construed as something of an understatement, but that is the plan. In the absence of my friend Hugh Dampney the idea of doing the drive to Darwin has simply been postponed until Hugh gets freed-up on the farm and can accompany me. As the Bikers Grave shows there are some who don't make it.

Apart from this 45Km stretch of bush fire there are a multitude of tidy sea-side villages

on the northbound leg of the journey,

with an intent to visit as many of these as is possible in the time allowed. The return journey will be in stark contrast, but we'll get to that later!

First I had to overcome a road-hazard of my own as a pair of

AUSTRALIAN SHELDUCK decided to scrub round using the Pelican Crossing (surely that's racist?).

By-passing Lancelin, as the road is a dead-end and would necessitate a lengthy drive back, the first port of call if you like Jurien Bay where it was hostel style accommodation.

However, the beach and the small jetty was alive with Crested (I like to call them GREAT Crested) Terns
and on closer inspection the odd CASPIAN TERN.

another CRESTED

The surf beach had its share of SILVER GULLS which I never did discover what food they were finding on the Kelp swamped sands.

A fortunate decision to back-track a little further inland
afforded me distant views of one of my favourite World Raptors
the delicate but deadly BLACK-SHOULDERED KITE. Via the photographs I have been able to eliminate Letter-winged Kite as this individual had the extended black marking 'behind' the eye.
The extensive Salt Pans just north of here were devoid of birds today, but thought well worth another look on the way back should time allow.
A last look at the beach before supper and bed found another juvenile PACIFIC GULL,
and a road-side CRESTED PIGEON. These are novel little Doves that sound and look every bit like a Partridge when in flight.

As can be seen access has been found again today, while the layout of the Blog page remains totally displeasing. In 'edit mode' everything looks in order, but press that Publish button and everything turns to 'ratshit'. Hope to talk from further NORTH tomorrow.


  1. Hello Grandad again....congratulations, give them all a hug from us. Emma's son was also born safe and well on 27th April. I'm loving your blog, read it most days and so very envious of you being in my beloved Australia...love as always Tess & Paul xxxx

  2. Yes,did you see the bit about Compass Swinging. Failed to mention how good he was at 'Swinging the Lead'! Know how much you love it over here so many thoughts of you. Hope to see you soon after I get back, maybe June'ish. Many congrats to Tony, Emma & Co Best Wishes all round. I feel a mammoth 'head whetting' coming on????
    Lots of Love as ever.