Monday, 14 May 2012

On the Road to Geraldton

The evidence is now conclusive, the Jinx, the Jonah, the Fly in the Ointment is ME! Having struck an Internet deal with the lovely Christine at the camp I managed to get yesterdays Blog away then the whole system crashed. Guess that's why they call me lucky. Yet another Plan B and a 100 'click' drive back to the library just shows how dedicated I am, but the maintenance man is on his way to fix Chris's gear so here's hoping.

Agggggh, it's 14:00 local and there isn't a free spot until 16:00 so I sat down to twiddle my thumbs, thought I would just try to log-on and Bingo. The drive from Leeuwin to Geraldton is a fairly pleasant one, but as darkness fell last night what I needed was some sleep. Returning from whence I had come, Perth Airport, I parked in the Hire Car Return Bay and got my head down. Only 200Km at a steady pace and stopping for birds on the way made for a pleasant day resulting in the following images.



GALAH a pest to many a great sight for the Birder.
A 'Lifer' of which there could be others but there has been little time to check so far.
This part of the world is considered the 'OUTBACK',

but not too many miles from civilisation you start to pick up

these mountainous inland sand dunes - impressive!

and finally, for today at least, WHITE-BREASTED WOODSWALLOW.
Let's hope the repairman get there and we have a bit more luck with the Internet tomorrow.

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