Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Clutching at Straws (Part III) - Marillion

Since its inception, Blog Posts have been thwarted by unavailability of Internet access, interference and unnecessary changes of format by the provider (Google) but NEVER by lack of anything to 'say or display'. Today we reached that point mainly due to the adverse and unseasonable weather, almost constant rain since my return peppered with frequent bouts of high winds, a lack of subject matter, mostly birds which are always scarce at this time of year, and today another Google crash?  It was always going to be Clutching @ Straws even on waking early morning to once again hear the rain beating against the window. But fear not, even though conditions were bad enough to keep me at home, coincidentally I had received an e-mail from Marc Bulte, who you may remember I met on Fraser's Hill, Malaysia, with a good number of photographs attached. Perfect timing you may think, but when trying to Upload them the system wasn't working. With a limited knowledge of such things, I have tried all I know and now feel a phone call to the Secret Lemonade Drinker coming on. Too late for today certainly but we may have the ship back on the rails by tomorrow?
 Well, would you Adam and Eve it? Having just completed the paragraph above I was suddenly struck with a moment of genius, why not 'drag' the photos from desktop folder to Blog page - and it worked. However, I am typing this before proving that it will in fact Publish, but that's yet to be seen. As mentioned above these photographs are © Marc Bulte of birds I was far too slow to focus on or, in the case of the first species, too incompetent to gain correct light settings. Here we go with