Monday, 11 June 2012

Nobodies Fault But Mine - Page & Plant

I must start today by readdressing the accusation levelled at me by Roger Lees in his recent e-mail (published in the last 2 posts) reference RSPB collusion with DEFRA, the rich and others to control Common Buzzards. In that mail he stated that publishing such a comment was "simply wrong" and that a correction and apology should follow. Since then I have made best efforts to substantiate my original statement, but find in that issue alone I am completely WRONG! I have thought long and hard as to how such a calamitous and possibly defamatory mistake could have been made but found no rhyme or reason? Therefore, I would offer the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds a full and unequivocal apology in the knowledge that much more care will be taken when criticising or praising their works or intentions in the future and all references will be deleted from the Blog. Hopefully in closing the matter I would once again thank Mr Lees for bringing this unintentional inaccuracy to my attention, and assuring him and the full readership that The Bagsy Blog remains an unbiased, apolitical, non-racist/religious, family friendly (etc) open forum!
Yours aye

and as if that wasn't enough of a 'Bad Day at the Office', I am further informed, by my shipmate Huck, that the July 2012 calender page is also inaccurate. A quick check found it to be wrong, so unless the sender can enlighten as to the significance that too will be removed.
With the focus firmly on the RSPB today what better way to start the day than with a 'short cut' through the Radipole Nature Reserve on my way to the bus. On the Concrete Bridge, a sight I don't believe I've seen before, a pair of GADWALL, usually nervous little Ducks, just sat there little concerned at my approach.
'Make hay while the sun shines' (perhaps not the best analogy given the weather of late) thought I taking close-ups of both Male
and Female.
At the Visitor's Centre, where the 'viewing area' (a Public Right of Way????) is now blocked by a high fence and locked gate, an adult MUTE SWAN is seemingly still sat on eggs.
As if 'to order' these 2 Common Terns flew in landing on one of the perching posts,
as this very vocal male TUFTED DUCK appeared
to be chatting up a female.
Another first came at a closer perch where this juvenile GREAT CORMORANT (right) was seen to take food from the adult. I don't remember seeing the young of this species being fed anywhere let alone Radipole. Maybe I need to get out a little more often?
A high-flying OYSTERCATCHER flew noisily overhead as I departed the main bridge,
before encountering this not unattractive 'hybrid' duck which has been resident here now for many a day.
A graphic illustration of the weather pattern since I returned (yes, it's me folks) where the Mute Swan is stood would usually be high and dry at this time of year, with a few inches drop from the concrete lip. At least the Gurkha Restaurant wasn't afloat. Walking the full length of the Rodwell Trail there was hardly a sound from a bird let alone a sighting,
while at Ferry Bridge Common, Sandwich (as singles) plus a few Little Terns were all at great distance, with news that the first eggs of the latter had hatched that very morning. All else amounted to just c16 DUNLIN, that flew in from up the Fleet,
looking mighty fine in summer plumage,
and this GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULL, which on 'bill size' alone couldn't be made into a Pacific Gull. Now that would be a find!
There is just one snippet of local news from this neck of the woods, and that is the Pub there is about to see the end of its days. Destined to be demolished in the near future, the site will be developed as a Restaurant, Brasserie and a number of domestic dwellings. No disrespect meant as this has been a great watering-hole over the years (particularly late 60's early 70's) but shame, given the notice, that the works could not have been completed before the Olympic Games.
Maybe I haven't been very vigilant, but on my way home found a wealth of Winkles showing at low tide in the Backwater (Weymouth Inner Harbour). A long time absent? but a fine indicator that the water there is pure enough to support them.

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