Friday, 22 June 2012

Elizium - Fields of the Nephilim

Apart from the extremely blustery but dry weather things today have been fairly quiet, leaving me to spend a little more time that usual poking my nose in around Weymouth.
What had previously been a couple of car parks for the disabled and a natural collection area for much of the town's litter, is now shaping up into a fine end of terrace dwelling. Only the foundations were laid before I left so was pleasantly surprised to see the architects had done a grand job making it 'bow fronted'. 
A little more action on the beach as yesterdays Punch and Judy had been replaced by a detachment of Royal Marine Commandos, which at first I thought to be practising for the upcoming Olympic Games. 
Later in the day I couldn't have bumped into a better person than Janet Read, who some readers will know as one of our fonts of local knowledge. She informs me that tomorrow on Weymouth Beach there is to be a re-enactment of a beach landing along with other military hardware which I will endeavour to visit.
The Outer Harbour looked particularly good bathed in bright sunshine and almost cloudless blue sky, and you can always find something of interest to see there!
Today's highlight was the Training Vessel 'Royalist'
which pays regular visits to the town with ever changing crews of young people.
Resident fishing vessels include the yellow hulled 'Crabber' Amanda Jane and 'Scalloper' WY37, Nicola I.
Doing my regular circuit in the opposite direction today, I headed for the Portland bus via Westham Bridge where the HOODED MERGANSER, now in full eclipse plumage
was in company with a male TUFTED DUCK, both

along with this COOT allowing for close photographs.
An hour at the Obelisk produced just c7 Manx Shearwater, lots of Gannets and Guilimots, along with a few each Fulmar and Kittiwake, while at the Observatory I missed a SOOTY SHEARWATER on arrival, which kindly put in another brief appearance before I left for home. Half way up Bill Road the Secret Lemonade Drink arrived to take me home and help me sort out a couple of snags on my I-Pod. It took a while but now we are in full working mode and if you listen very hard you may well hear Fields of the Nephilim pumping out their seminal album Elizium??

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