Saturday, 23 June 2012

Fox On The Run - The Sweet

There has been something rather special lurking in the English Channel for the last few days, and not a million miles from Portland Bill. Fortunately, since announcing there may be need to resort  to a Ted Heath style '3 Day Week' on the Blog, happenings have gone off the scale necessitating leaving this matter in abeyance for a couple of days. We will return to it in due course, but this was part of the reason for another early attendance on Portland today. Maybe helpfully the weather continued to be blustery but with some patchy sunshine so good for looking out to sea and for the festivities in Weymouth later in the day.
Stepping from the 06:30 bus at Sweethill, not surprisingly there were a few COLLARED DOVEs on show, while further on in the Top Fields
a healthy looking RED FOX was found resting alongside a number of RABBITs
Although at some distance it didn't seem to be phased by my presence
nor were the Bunnies with it's. As the 70's Glam-Rock Band The Sweet would say "here are the photos for Fox Sake", over to the Dampney's for comment! 
An OAK EGGAR MOTH CATERPILLAR was found a little further along the track, but seemed reluctant to uncoil, while at the Bird Observatory
the 'third' of the 4 BEDSTRAW HAWK-MOTHs had emerged from the cocoon. All else amounted to about a dozen Manx Shearwaters but there was the promise of some excitement when I returned to Weymouth at noon. It makes me smile and angry in equal proportions when day after day I sit on the bus, and elsewhere, listening to the 'moaners' berating Weymouth as a town of nothing to do and always getting things wrong - maybe the English way I guess?? Good reason then to switch off the 'Idiot's Lantern' and get down to the sea-front to witness an excellent exhibition of how our Military Men serves us all over the world and keep us out of harms way.
As I arrived, the ENEMY were already scouting the area
and getting dug-in
and armed to the teeth with general purpose machine guns, semi-automatic weapons and hand grenades.
A mixed mob of Weymouth residents and holiday makers had gathered but they were going to be no obstruction to this motley crew,
so good job then that amid rapid gunfire and the sound of high power boat engines the 'Cavelry' arrived!
This had the desired effect of sending the insurgents scampering for their bunkers
and commenced returning fire.
In what seemed like a matter of seconds,
'OUR' LADs hit the beach
under cover of a volume of orange smoke
and engaged the enemy
 allowing a 'second wave' to land reinforcements
By this time I was getting a little concerned as it looked every bit as if most had forgotten the bathing trunks and towels????
Never mind, they seemed to be doing quite well without my help, so for the time being at least I was prepared to stay in the background.
By now, the 'enemy' were laying down a carpet of lead but they hadn't seen what we had!
 This Marine was getting the fireworks out
and if he starts doing that someone could get hurt.
After the grenades the remainder of the regiment swarmed over the 2 'foxholes'
proving my point, this fella looked to be a little bit dead?
Taking up strategic positions and establishing communication there was a chasm to cross so time
to call in the Royal Engineer Bridge Builders.
They had the Bailey Bridge constructed in minutes 10
while the perimeter remained closely guarded, the whole exercises ending just as 'Open Season' on Holiday Makers began.
Just like the end of the Lord Mayor's Show there was the clearing up to do, but again the Engineer Brigade took short time to fill all holes, level all mounds and return Weymouth's Golden Sands to their usual glory. From here, I became one of the 'first' to 'fly' the town's latest attraction, The Sealife Tower Experience, but that will have to wait until tomorrow save to say IT IS ABSOLUTELY 

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