Thursday, 7 June 2012

HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Stevie Wonder

and we're still a day in arrears........

It was considered a huge privilege to be the only non-family member invited to Secret Juniors birthday party and what a party it was!
With the guests already mustered and
the table creaking with goodies it was only the weather that upskittled things slightly. The plan had been for a picnic on the lawn, but the heavy and persistent rain put paid to that. Having witnessed the hundreds of thousands of people braving the elements over weekends Jubilee celebration, we were not to be thwarted as Secret Senior overcame a couple of other minor teething troubles with the new barbecue and flashed it up in the garage. 
Unaware of last nights 'secret' party with many of his friends, today was the day when Robert White came of age (18) and I for one was so pleased to share the moment with him. His young lady had spent many hours constructing this collage of photographs of them both during their trips together in UK, New York and Washington DC.
However, while he was the star of the show, Harry, Rob's sister Lizzy and new mum Katie
were making sure 10 months old baby Maisie was stealing most of the limelight, as babies do.
Robert's mum Jane and girlfriend Becky were busily keeping the guests fed
while the real Secret Lemonade Drinker was now opting for a drop of slightly stronger 'bubbly' - only a large one for me Gary.
After a bit of serious 'candle blowing' it was time for
boys to be boys
and a quick whizz round the conservatory on the Kawasaki. Thank You All for such a fantastic day, the music and 'Tails of the Sea' were also most welcome!

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